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Two decades of inspiring creativity, connection, exploration, and expression.


Dear Creative Friends,

So glad you found your way here today! I have some great news to share with you.

In 2000 I founded Creativity Portal as an online repository and dynamic community for creatives of all kinds to both enjoy and participate in. This growing resource has connected individuals with essential creative content, tools, and resources and access to thought leaders and coaches who make a true difference in our world.

As we are into our 21st year online, our vision is to continue to hold invaluable online space to foster creativity, uplift, inspire, and inform. Thriving independent Web sites like ours are fueled by passion and integrity and we need to continue to find mutually beneficial ways for sustainability. This is why we're thrilled to offer eScribir, an all-access model for you to directly connect with our creative content.

Yes, for the small price of a cup of coffee, you can enjoy browsing through two decades of our online library and receive special updates in your inbox when we publish new content.

Please support the things you enjoy online, especially those that fuel your creative spirit and feed your soul. If Creativity Portal is a place like that for you, we're honored.

—Chris Dunmire, Creativity Portal

For over two decades Chris Dunmire has collaborated with hundreds of artists, authors, writers, coaches, therapists, and thought leaders to produce creativity-inspiring content, expansive series and columns, reflective interviews, engaging writing prompts, and stimulating projects on the award-winning Creativity Portal Web site. Sign up for eScribir for direct access now.

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Brian R. Martens


Sign up for Brian R. Martens e-booklet at for writing tips, a poem, and Haiku by December 31, 2020, and be entered into a drawing for his book Three Raven Gate: Haiku and Other Poems.

Big-Hearted Change

Free Gift Book from Unity Consciousness Author Marcia West

Marcia West4 Essential Steps of Big-Hearted Change is a guidebook for change that serves the highest good of all involved. The process and tools are appropriate for individuals, families, organizations, communities, countries, and the world at large. A new approach to change is offered that originates in the heart. It works because it comes from love and a consciousness far beyond that of the mind alone.


Through the Eyes of SoulCollage®

Anne Marie Bennett: Through the Eyes of SoulCollage®

Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now Journal

Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now Journal Prompts

365 Pictures Photo Prompts

365 Pictures: Daily Photo Prompts

Jill Badonsky: The Nine Modern-Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)

Jill Badonsky: The Nine Modern-Day Muses

Light Bulb Moments

Tom Evans: The Art & Science of Light Bulb Moments

Glad No Matter What

SARK: Transforming Change and Loss

Mindful Writing

Satya Robyn: Writing Your Way Home

Guided Imagery Meditations

Guided Imagery Meditations Through Words and Images

Zen with Alan Watts

Alan Watts: Zen

Art of the Song

Art of the Song Creativity Corner

Imagination Prompt Generator

Imagination Prompt Generator

Creativity & Self-Care

Linda Dessau: Self-Care & Connection

Writing a World-Changing Book

Cynthia Morris: Writing a World-Changing Book

A Muse's Daydream Podcast

A Muse's Daydream Podcast

Jill Badonsky shares short, inspiring stories designed to relax and set free the creativity of the listener with painless wisdom and laughter.

Listen now at:

Jill is author/illustrator of three books on creativity, inspirational humorist, creator and trainer of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training, workshop and retreat leader, and certified yoga instructor.

We Can't Wait! Nu Shooz Valerie Day Interview

You remember this 80s hit by Nu Shooz, don't you? If you had the opportunity to ask pop and jazz singer Valerie Day one question about her life with the band, creative process, or how she now 'helps singers create an authentic, sustainable life in music' what would your question be?

Here's your chance to ask! Send us your question and we'll see if we might work it into our upcoming interview with Valerie!

The Art of Is

Stephen Nachmanovitch: The Art of Is

Succulent Wild Love

SARK: Your Inner Critic Care System

Today's Inspiration

Habits to Spark Creative Genius

Jeannine McGlade: Habits to Spark Creative Genius

20 Questions Interviews

20 Questions Interviews

No Ordinary Time

Jan Phillips: No Ordinary Time

Donald Rattner: Why Pick Up a Pencil?

Creating Your Writer's Life

Cynthia Morris: Creating Your Writer's Life

Journey of Self-Discovery

Roslyn Rus: Journey of Self-Discovery

In Awe

John O'Leary: Look for the Good

Courage and Craft

Barbara Abercrombie: Courage and Craft

Learning from Leonardo da Vinci

Learning from Leonardo: DaVinci's Genius Habits

Tee Time: Swing Into Creative Play!

Chris Dunmire: Tee Time Word Play & Warm-Ups

COVID-19 What Might Help?

Managing Creatively Through COVID-19: What Might Help?

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Writer's Digest


Creativity Portal is delighted to be named on Writer's Digest's list of 7 Top Websites to Fuel Your Creativity!

Freeing the Writer Within

Natalie Goldberg: Freeing the Writer Within

Make Your Creative Dreams Real

27 Question Prompts for SARK's 'Make Your Creative Dreams Real'

Joy Sikorski

Joy Sikorski: How to Draw lessons

My Creative Space

Donald Rattner: My Creative Space

Tightening and Sharpening Prose

Elizabeth Kracht: Tightening and Sharpening Prose

Diana Rowan: Freeing the Creative Within

Diana Rowan: Freeing the Creative Within

Collage Cubies Tutorials

Paper Sculpture: Collage Cubies Tutorials

The Van Gogh Blues

Eric Maisel: The Van Gogh Blues

A Year of Writing Dangerously

Barbara Abercrombie: A Year of Writing Dangerously

Opening Your Intuition

Sanaya Roman: Opening Your Intuition


Peter Clothier: Persist

Fabulous Friendship Festival

SARK: Creativity, Friendship, Shadows, and Perfectionism

Higher Levels of Creativity

Susan Ann Darley: Higher Levels of Creativity


Emily Hanlon: The Fiction Writer's Journey

Your Own Creative Style

Kelle Walsh: Flourish In Your Own Creative Style

Light Bulb Moments on Tap

Tom Evans: Light Bulb Moments on Tap