Multicultural Muses to Inspire Your Creativity and Imagination

Like many Americans, my ancestors are a mixed bag: a rag-tag bunch of immigrants, gathered here from all over the globe. Irish, Welsh, and Scottish forebears I can claim, as well as Dutch, French, Cajun, and African ancestors. I lack any real racial identity — I am a potpourri, a crazy quilt, a melting pot in my own lovely body.

This has given me a healthy dose of curiosity about the faces and places outside the United States — cultures that aren't so homogenized, assimilated, pasteurized, and co-opted by huge corporations. I seek something different, something real and true, something raw and wild. Something brand new, or as ancient as old bones.

Muses the world over have inspired creative souls since the dawn of humankind. Let's introduce you to a few of them.

The Chaotic Muse

Tips to making the relocation of your creative life much easier.

The Dream as Muse

Pay attention to the symbols, images, people, and places found in your dreams.


Interviews with Jill Badonsky's Nine Modern Day Muses

Jill Badonsky's NMDM are a hip twist on the Nine Muses of Ancient Greece. These articles and profiles also feature Molly's exclusive interviews with Spills, Marge, Lull, Aha-Phrodite, Albert, Muse-Song, Audacity, Shadow Muse, Bea Silly, and Arnold (the Bodyguard).

Creating with the Classic 9 Greek Muses

Invoke the original Athenian Goddesses into your music, poetry, art, creativity and imagination. Inspirations from Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

Zarpandit: Ruler of the Moon and Night

Zarpandit, Mesopotamian Creator Goddess, rules the Moon and the Night. To connect with Zarpandit, Seed-Maker, wander in the woods as the moon begins to rise. Plant a garden of inspiration-seeds, and wait patiently to see what grows there.

Finding Yemaya: An Adventure At Home

Yemaya is an ancient African goddess of the sea who wards off despair with music, ritual, and celebration.

Ninsaba's Garden of Dreams and Delights

A journey through space and time to ancient Sumer to visit Ninsaba, the mysterious Goddess of Creativity, Education, Fate, and Agriculture. Ninsaba is known for her talents as an oracle and interpreter of dreams; she also brought science, architecture, reading, and writing to her people.

Invoking Leanan Sidhe: Dark Faery Muse of the Emerald Isle

Darkness can make a fascinating subject for an artist to explore. Try a little free-writing about shadowy subjects.

Following La Fauna: A Journey to the Heart

Fauna, an Earth and fertility goddess from ancient Greece. Encounter the wild one who dwells in your heart, and dance with her. Do not shut her out, or silence her. Do not fear her. Let her sing, and your heart will be whole.

Soaring with the Hopi Butterfly Maiden

Queen of Transformation, Metamorphosis, and Change. All creative endeavors begin alone, in the deep darkness. The artist must withdraw from the world outside, creating space in which to work the magic of transformation that is your true work in this world.

Seeking the Elusive High Desert Gnome: A Muse Close to Home

Gnomes do not seek dominion over all the Earth and every living creature. Their very existence depends upon and reveres the sanctity of wild places.

Sirens to Selkies: Mermaids as Muses

Mermaids symbolize abundance, creativity, wisdom, and renewal. Who are these strange creatures? What messages from the deep blue sea do they carry ashore? Includes a word pool, story starters, quotes, and inspiring Mermaid Tales to inspire your Selkie story telling and creativity.


Fire: The Fire of Inspiration: Pele

Pele is a creative powerhouse, with abundant energy for new inspiration. The element of fire has long been associated with creative inspiration, transformation, energy, intense emotion, and change.

Water: The Fount of Inspiration: Muses of Water

Muses and deities associated with the element of water and the creative arts. If the rain inspires you, or you find yourself exalted by the view of a river, write a poem or a story to honor these Muses from the natural world, and their many gifts.

Earth, Creative Bedrock: Standing on Solid Ground

The importance of allowing your creative work to be the foundation you stand upon.

Air: An Ugly Duckling Soaring with Swans

The air we breathe is like creativity itself — intangible, invisible, and essential to our very survival.

A Treatise on The Dark: Muse of Shadows

Answering questions about the dark side of creativity.

A Treatise on the Light: A Return to Joy After Walking the Dark Road Alone

How is all this possible, such limitless resources of both light and dark, such a mixture?

The Dancing Stones at Cornwall

The legends and mysteries surrounding the standing stones and megaliths at Cornwall.

Landscape as Muse

For writing inspiration and overcoming creativity blocks.

Nature as Muse, Healer, and Guide

It is in the wilderness that we learn, heal, find a sense of the sacred, and become inspired. 3 Creative Visualizations for artists and writers.

Fear: Muse and Motivator

It is time to look coldly and honestly at the things that scare us. Then do one tiny thing every day to face your fears.

The Story as Muse

How can the stories of other writers — true or fictional — inspire and inform our own work? Features free printable Creative License.

Coming Home

What exactly is it, this place or concept of home?

How to Be Your Own Best Muse

Don't need no stinkin' muses? Try these 101 creative ways to delight and inspire yourself.

An Exclusive Interview with My Inner Muse

This wonderful creative spirit inspires, surprises, and delights me at every turn.