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Exclusive Series Spotlight

Invoking the 9 Greek Muses through Creative Imagination

Timeless Energies to Inspire Your Art, Music, and Writing

The original nine Athenian muses were the nine sister Goddesses of Imagination, Inspiration, and The Arts in ancient Greek mythology. Many cultures have celebrated, worshipped, and tried to entice the Muses. This series explores the variety of ways in which you can invoke each of the muses and enjoy their accompaniment in your own creative life.

CalliopeIn Praise of Calliope: Invoking the Muse of Epic Poetry

The Athenian Muse Calliope inspired Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey. Epic poetry may not be as popular today as it was in the days of Homer, but creative story-telling is enriching, inspiring, fosters community, and will never go out of style.

ClioClio's Lessons

Her head is crowned with laurel leaves, and her eyes are bright. Celebrate the gifts of history, education and knowledge that come from the Athenian Muse Clio.

EratoErato: The Art and Soul of Sensual Poetry

Writing about the erotic can be difficult (Not to mention controversial!), dark, scary, and ultimately, a lot of fun! Erato encourages us to express our desires with juicy verbs, ripe-for-the-picking adjectives,and inventive details.

EuterpeMaking Marvelous New Music with Euterpe

Classical depictions of the Muses usually feature Euterpe in a toga, playing a flute or lyre. The Athenian Goddess of lyric poetry and music has many gifts to share.

MelpomeneMelpomene: Muse of Tragedies and Elegies

Melpomene is a guide for the lost; a dark-haired woman, clad in widow's weed who tells us to make a record of our experiences, to create new works of art to help ourselves express loss so we may be healed.

PolyhymniaPolymnia: Muse of Sacred Song, Oratory, Lyric Poetry

She is referred to in some texts as Polyhymnia; in others, simply Polymnia. Credited with inventing the lyre, she is the inspiration of lyric poets everywhere.

TerpsichoreTerpsichore: Muse of Music and Dance

Terpsichore, Athenian Muse of Music and Dance, mother to The Sirens, is a tiny, fiery old woman who insists we meet in a Blues bar in downtown Chicago.

ThaliaThalia: Athenian Muse of Comedy

Invoking the Muse of Comedy — humor and laughter make new things grow. There's something delicious about laughing when you should be solemn and serious.

UraniaUrania's Meteor Shower

Stargazing with the Muse of Astronomy, Astrology, and Universal Love. Man has always looked longingly at the night sky, seeking the wisdom writ large there.