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Adventure Writing Prompts : Travel to Egypt

Adventure Writing Prompts

Travel to Egypt

8 Photos & Writing Prompts

By Kristi Tencarre


What is Your Purpose?

1 Where are you?

What is your purpose for being here… at this time of day/season and this time in your life?

Who are you?

Are you with anyone? If so, what is your connection to them?

What time of day/year is it?

Describe the setting to someone who cannot see the picture. What is the feeling of the place, the temperature, the mood?



2 What do you see in this photo? Look closely….

What does this photo say about the commercialization of ancient monuments, chain stores, capitalism?

What does this photo prompt you to think about?

Hint: the reflection is a pyramid.


Aswan Mosque

3 What do you see in this photo?

Who would frequent this area?

Is there old and new merging? If so, how?

How many cultures do you see reflected in this photo?

Background info:
This photo was taken in Aswan, Egypt. The mosque was built a few hundred years ago on top of an ancient Egyptian temple, which was built a few thousand years ago. When the mosque needed renovations, they began to dig and discovered this ancient Egyptian temple underneath, buried by the desert sand. The Egyptian temple is now a tourist attraction. The mosque is fully functioning.



4 Who is this statue?

Where is it?

Who/What are you looking at this statue?

How did you get to be near this statue?

What is your purpose in this place on earth?

If you could make a statue of yourself, what would it look like?

Of what would it be made?

Background info (read after writing your own ideas!):
This is Hatshepsut. She was a female pharaoh. She made the images look like men in order to gain respect, however the male pharaohs who followed tried to erase all remnants of her existence in history. The red smudges are bits of thousands year old original paint still visible.

More prompts now that you've read the background info:

What sort of difficulties would a woman ruler in ancient Egypt have encountered? What does a female ruler face in today's world?

Has anything changed? Imagine yourself as this Queen/Pharoah/Goddess and write about your day. Who would you encounter? What would you wear/eat/do, etc?


Ancient Waterways

5 Where are you?

What are you looking at?

What is the function of what you see?

How old is what you see?

What is your purpose in this area?

Who lives in this area?


Market Street

6 Where are you?

Who are you?

Who are these people in this picture?

What is your purpose here? What is theirs?

What is being sold in the market?

Pick one of these people — imagine what their life is like. What is a typical day like for them? What are their names, where do they live, with whom do they live?


Selling Wares

7 Where are you?

What is your business/purpose here?

Who are the people in the picture and what are they doing?

Imagine yourself in the shoes of one of these people. What would you be feeling? What would the conversation be like?

Imagine you are one of the chickens/roosters/hens. What is your take on this scene?

Imagine you are one of the cages. What have you seen during your lifetime?

Imagine you are the wall. How many coats of paint do you have? What have you seen since your construction? How has life changed in the streets that you look upon?


Between Frames

8 What do you see?

What is going on in this picture?

Where are you?

Who are you?

What are you doing?

If you see people in the picture, what are they doing?

Do you see anything on the horizon?

What emotions does this photo stir inside? •

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Updated 1/17/14