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Photo © Kristi Tencarre
Adventure Writing Prompts : Travel to Japan

Adventure Writing Prompts

Travel to Japan

7 Photos & Writing Prompts

By Kristi Tencarre

Nippon. The Land of the Rising Sun. Japan is an ancient land of volcanoes and mountains closed off by water. More than 3000 islands make up this country.

Honour and family above all else. Unique fashion sense. Sushi. Cherry blossoms. Economic prowess. A gentle people of strength.

Look at the photos and create your own stories. Or use the prompts to inspire ideas.

Adventure with me into Japan!


Temple of Gold

1 A temple made of gold. What words come to mind when looking at this picture? List them all. Now revisit them and choose five. Can you think of a synonym for those five words? Use those five words to set an opening scene.


Modern Culture

2 In this photo are people who embrace modern culture as well as those who prefer to revere the past. What are your feelings for your culture? Are you one who readily embraces the present, with all the good and the bad, or are you someone who longs for the ways of a bygone era? How can the old and the new blend together in today's world?


Religion and Faith

3 Devotion. Worship. Every culture has a path to their god. What are your feelings towards religion and faith? Is there a difference between those two? Is there any aspect of spirituality of which you would like to bring more into your life? List ways in which you could make your thoughts reality.


Your New Home

4 Imagine that this is your home. Who are you? Who lives with you? Do you work for a living? If so, what do you do? Create a character analysis for those who live within, and also outside, the walls of this garden.


Your Writing Space

5 Tatami mats. Rice paper walls. Wooden beams. Zen garden outside. A small fire boiling water for green tea beyond the frame of this photo. What is the way in which you approach writing? What elements do you include in your writing space?


Well, A Deep Subject

6 A well? A shrine? If it is a well, is it for drinking or holy cleansing? If a shrine — whose? Create the history behind its construction.



7 Two Geisha walk down a narrow road. Is this an alley or a street? Every culture has artists and entertainers. What makes Geisha so alluring? Who are the women beneath the clothing and makeup? Who are we beneath our clothing and makeup? •

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Updated 1/17/14