Unraveling the Creative Process

With Artist Cara Faye

Cara FayeCara Faye is one of those people who won't believe that something can't be done. She has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, and diplomas in both Financial Accounting and Project Management.

Her preferred medium is wrought iron, when time allows; but loves to draw, write, paint and mosaic, as well as share her knowledge and passions through teaching, when she's not managing IT CMS projects.

A year-long opportunity to build and run a Creative Centre brought her face to face with the huge alienation that most of her clients felt from their own creativity, and she determined that it was high time somebody closed this gap. To this end she attempts to unravel some of the creative process for a growing community via workshops and articles. Read her blog at carafaye.wordpress.com.

The Creative Route to your Authentic Self

Instead of viewing creativity as a childish waste of time, we can appreciate it as a tool for self-knowledge and expansion.

Craft for Innovation's Sake

Exercising the creative side of our brain in a pressure-free environment for pure fun and relaxation allows us to start forming the creative habits we need to allow us to develop mental fitness and break out of old routines.

So You Think You Aren't Creative?

Creativity is innate in every person, it's part of what makes us human.