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Quinn Creative -
Creativity Coaching : Quinn McDonald

Find Your Creative Spark and Fan it into a Flame

Creativity Coach Quinn McDonald
Quinn McDonald Interview
An eye-opening look at Quinn's meaning-making life as an artist, writer, and coach.

After 25 years in the corporate world, Quinn McDonald finally gathered the courage to create a different life. She opened her own business, QuinnCreative, to pursue a life rich in experience and use her skills as an artist, writer and speaker to help others create and live the lives they want.

Quinn holds an MA in Folklore/ Popular Culture from California State University at Los Angeles. She graduated from the Coaches Training Institute as a life coach, and is a Certified Creativity Coach. Website: Blog:

Creativity Articles by Quinn McDonald

Playing and Growing in a Creative Mastermind Group
By Quinn McDonald
Mastermind Groups are the brainchild of Napoleon Hill, the author of the 1937 book, "Think And Grow Rich."

"What Should I Write in My Journal?"
By Quinn McDonald
The idea of keeping a journal is often more comfortable than actually keeping one.

Too Busy to Keep a Journal? Try One-Sentence Journaling
By Quinn McDonald
Do you wish you could keep a journal, but don't have a lot of time to write in one? Try this creative solution...

Your Art Grows Up and Leaves You
By Quinn McDonald
Turning your artistic creations into salable inventory.

Creativity — Just Like Riding a Motorcycle
By Quinn McDonald
I realized how much riding has in common with being creative.

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zones
By Quinn McDonald
That horrible feeling of awkwardness and stupidity at the beginning of learning a new skill isn't fun.

Wabi Sabi and the Dance of Life
By Quinn McDonald
In a wabi-sabi life, you live within the recognition that all things are impermanent, all things are imperfect, all things are incomplete.

Creative Discipline
By Quinn McDonald
Discipline sounds punitive. Like doing things you don't want to do. The discipline in this article is different. It is the permission to do the things you want — in fact yearn — to do.

Only One Right Answer
By Quinn McDonald
Perception and reality: Creativity is about more than one right answer.