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Creativity Coaching : Riva Weinstein

Riva Weinstein's Modern Sacred Creative Inspiration

Riva WeinsteinRiva Weinstein has been guiding art, writing and creative journeys for over 20 years. She is the author of Magic Medicine: Rx for Creativity, a book that inspires readers to create profound personal works of art from every day experiences and materials. She is an annual artist in residence at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. Her work has been featured at Figment and Exit Art in NYC, in the Los Angeles Biennale and the Los Angeles Times. Seeds of Peace: 18 Found Objects from Nature, created in response to 9/11 is included in the Smithsonian permanent collection. All this, while writing advertising for companies like Aveda, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Revlon and Olay. Visit Riva online at

Creativity Articles by Riva Weinstein

Framing Art / Reframing Life
By Riva Weinstein
Reframing is all about turning things upside down and backwards. It's the power of positive thinking in a decidedly creative way.

Getting Creative @ Work
By Riva Weinstein
So what to do when your job feels more like a creative straightjacket than an opportunity to soar? Or your office is a bastion of decidedly uncreative conventionality?

The Creative Squeeze. Getting More (Part-Time) Art Into (Full-Time) Life
By Riva Weinstein
Many of us are working jobs that aren't our creative dreams. And it often feels they are squeezing the life right out of us.

Part-Time Art / Full-Time Life
By Riva Weinstein
It's not easy to be a creative soul in our culture, in our times. So many of us have to work at decidedly uncreative jobs and squeeze in our creative lives, our creative selves.