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Lynda MonkLynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC is the Director of the International Association for Journal Writing. Download 20 Journal Prompts and Affirmations to Cultivate Gratitude at

Monk's books include:

Lynda regularly teaches, writes, and speaks on the healing and transformational power of journaling and expressive writing.

Journaling Articles and Prompts

Journaling to Spark Self-Expression & Inner Truths

As creatives, we want to be in conversation with this life we are living. Journaling is a self-expressive act and a creative and soul nourishing practice that helps us tap into our inner wisdom.

The Great Book of Journaling

Journaling Your Transitions

Leia Francisco on journaling to explore the wisdom of your transitions and the three stages of moving through them.

The Conflict Resolution Journal

Linda Dobson shows you how to harnesses the power of journaling as a practical, therapeutic, and clarifying tool to help you move through conflict when you find yourself distraught, discouraged, or dismayed.

Juicy Journaling and the MicroMovement Method

Best selling author SARK leads you through writing that contains all the parts of you — not just the easiest or most attractive parts.