What I Learned Teaching Journaling to Inmates

Tuesdays in Jail with Tina Welling

Tina WellingTina Welling is the author of Tuesdays in Jail: What I Learned Teaching Journaling to Inmates. She also wrote four other books, as well as nonfiction that has appeared in national magazines and seven anthologies. The recipient of a Wyoming Arts Council writing fellowship, she has been conducting her Writing Wild workshops for ten years. Visit her online at www.tinawelling.com.

A Fuller Sense of Aliveness

In so many ways throughout our days, we are connecting to that astonishing light within us. Bringing awareness of the sacred, the connectedness, the mysterious into our consciousness enhances our sense of aliveness.

Journaling Class is Rough

The idea, taught by wisdom teachers around the world, that our inner lives are reflected in our outer lives, had mostly confused me. Besides, I found that was a difficult idea to hold at times and often way more responsibility than I was up for accepting.

And The Dalai Lama Cried

Why were we all so hard on ourselves, so quick to absorb blame, feel shame, head for the lowest possible judgment of ourselves? I was guilty of this. The first hint of an edgy relationship, and I'm all over myself like ants on a picnic crumb, devouring my actions and words, finding fault in both.