The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey

By Chris Dunmire | October 22, 2022

The oddest thing happened last week. I got a flat tire.

It's bizarre because in my thirty-four-year driving career, I've never once had a flat tire. But once the idea of flat tires was rolled in by Madam Bedazzle in her last card deal, boom!

Now, I'm not saying Bedazzle's tire illustration has anything to do with the puncture in my wheel, but the meaningful coincidence has me a bit spooked. Which works because Halloween is just around the corner. I was pretty deflated until I remembered her lesson about the yin-yang of things.

Oh, I've been harvesting my garden — I bought these special hybrid seeds for a root vegetable, and you won't believe what happened next (digital verion below, bonus "thing" at the link).

Clickbait aside, Bedazzle's contract for 2023 is on my desk. I wanted to ask you, fellow collaborators, if you'd weigh in on whether it should be renewed or not.

Have a look at what she's done at the Portal so far and let me know "Yes", "No", or "Who cares?" by hitting reply on this email and popping in your vote. Now, if you think a show of hands for keeping someone employed is distasteful, don't worry. Bedazzle's a subscriber, too, and will surely vote for herself. Every vote counts.

Halloween Poem by Nanette Jones

A one-eyed Jack O'Lantern sat on a wall
He for sure didn't want to fall
Along came a black cat, Furr-ocious by name
Who looked up at him and said "for shame"
You're taking my space on that wall, at least
For that's where I wait for my Halloween feast
I don't do tricks, I prefer good treats
I don't do goblins, don't do beasts
The children all love me, this I know
Because Milk Duds to me really flow
I'll share them with you, my orange colored friend
If you'll just move over and let me in

Chris Funmire
Seed Planter

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