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Adventure Writing Prompts : Travel to Bali

Adventure Writing Prompts

Travel to Bali

9 Photos & Writing Prompts

By Kristi Tencarre


Stream of Consciousness

1 Do a stream of consciousness. Stare at the photo and then transfer every thought from your head to the page. Go until you have drained your mind. Follow your pen, writing fast so that you trick the internal editor/critic by not thinking in between your thoughts. Go where it flows. Allow your thoughts to jump around. Do not hesitate. Pursue the ideas and at the end, re-read your journey. It's okay if it ends nowhere near where it began.


Volcano Beauty Beach

2 Black stones for sand. Lush green reaching to the watery shore. Perfect deep diving water, mere feet from the beach.

Years ago, a volcano exploded and lava flowed down the mountain, covering rice fields and burying the sand at the beach. Beauty has returned, years after the trauma. What would the life of a local be now, compared to before the eruption? What is buried beneath the black stones, smoothed by ocean pounding? How has beauty been made from ashes in your life, or in the life of someone you know?

If you want to do research on the volcanic eruption, this picture was taken in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia.


Tropical Island

3 The storm raged, the rain flooded, the boat tore apart. You are shipwrecked on this tropical island. In the morning, the sky returns to azure blue. The menacing clouds, having lost their terror in the torrential rain, float thru the sky on gentle breezes.

What will you encounter? What are your fears and hopes? Are you the lone survivor or has anyone/anything else washed up on the shore. Is anything left of your boat?

There is a mountain in the distance. Is it merely a mountain or is it an active volcano? Are there inhabitants on this island — animal, human? Are they friendly or hostile?

How will you manage to survive? How will you get off the island, if you so choose?


Timed Writing

4 Stream of consciousness. Set the timer for 10 minutes. Put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and write everything that comes to your mind after looking at this photograph. Allow your thoughts to leap without critiquing them. You may meander along the same thought line or your thoughts may diverge to a completely different topic. Do not stop writing until the time is up.


Open Doors

5 Finish this idea:

Wooden doors open, inviting, beckoning. Stone pillars of strength. Blinding sun. It can only mean one thing…


Secret Garden

6 There have been many stories set in a garden or with a garden theme. The Secret Garden is one such example. Many paintings are not only inspired by gardens, but were the subject of the artist. Claude Monet not only painted his garden, but designed it.

How does nature move you? What is it about gardens that inspire so many people? Is it the atmosphere, the setting, or simply the beauty, if you can call nature simple? Do you ever find yourself spending time in gardens or city parks, perhaps walking or having picnics within their beauty?

How can you bring nature into your life more frequently? How can you use nature to inspire your artistic pursuits?


Cast in Stone

7 Cast in stone, eyes forever closed, she offers beauty to the world beyond. If she could open her eyes, what would she see? If skin could replace stone, if bones could replace the hollow inside, what would she do? Where would she live? Who would she be?


Free Association

8Quick! Do a free association with this image. List all the things that pop into your brain. When you have drained your thoughts, turn to a new page. Now list all the things that you would not generally associate with this picture. Write without stopping until you have again transferred all your thoughts onto the paper or computer screen.


Mist Vision

9 Finish this thought:

Through the mist you see a vision…•

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Updated 1/17/14