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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : Just Desserts

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

Just Desserts

By Cameron Cook

Halloween StoriesUnintentional, was the only word that could describe it. One minute you are floating down a street on a chilly Halloween night, in your makeshift, but apparently evident, ghost costume, the next you are carrying around a pot of underhanded candy. This was my Halloween night of 2005.

I was 13 years old at the time, anxious for my first Halloween as a teenager, and a new teenager at that. I had just turned 13 few months prior. This night was going to be a good night, get pounds of candy, come home around 10:30 sit down in front of the fire place and eat till my hearts desire and my stomach's capacity.

My costume was an old blanket that I had used when I was a baby with two holes cut out at the eye so I could see. At 7:30 my friends and I started our cherubic escapade into the civilized wilderness. The streets were littered with kids of all ages, running around as their parents went to chase them down to ensure their safety. It was a watering hole in the middle of the desert. After the first few houses I managed to scavenge up some Tootsie Rolls, some Snickers, and the off-brand candy that nobody likes, I was smoldering, the king of the streets, the lions of the road, the teenagers, had barely even gotten scraps. Was I too old for trick or treating?

No. Not in my eyes. And that's when my friends and I developed the schematic, a flawless plan waiting to be put into action.

There was a house down the street that always had a pot of edible gold in it every year. You were only supposed to take one of the delectable beauties, but our plan was go big, or go home. When it was in sights, the plan was in action, we couldn't afford mistakes, we couldn't afford to be seen, and we couldn't afford anyone to back out now. We all ran straight for the prize, its glow, or maybe the odor, lured us in like a pack of hyenas, full sprint Thomas and Billy ran to the polar sides of our prey, I to the back, and Brian, the mammoth, stood in front to block all sight of our operation. We crouched down and lifted simultaneously, and sprinted off with the stash.

We took it to an alley and divided up the winnings there, no one had ever had this much candy in their possession before, just looking at it made you're eyes widen and your blood pump. I strutted home that night a happy man, and the gathering of the civilized animals upon the streets had scattered. When I got back to my home, a consumed nearly three fourths of the candy I had gathered, and by the next morning, I had expelled nearly the same amount, plus a little of yesterday's lunch. Just Desserts. •

© 2008 Cameron Cook, Plano East Senior High.