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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : Clown Stitches

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

Clown Stitches

By Danielle Chapman

Halloween StoriesHalloween brings with it costumes and trick-or-treaters. For some Halloween means trips to haunted houses and being scared till they pee their pants. That's the kind of Halloween I look forward to. My first haunted house was my worst nightmare, but I still want more.

October of the year 2006 was coming to an end when I went to my very first real haunted house. In a group of twenty of my friends we drove out to the one state's scariest haunted houses. Ten girls and ten guys, the perfect number; everyone had someone to hide behind. There were six haunted activities you could take part in. We planed on getting past all six.

When we pulled up to the dark parking lot, the bus driver was greeted by a man with an axe in his head. What a great way to start off the night. The main house, we had herd, was the best scare you could ask for. With our hopes up for a good scare we lined up and squeezed through the front door. It was a great disappointment for us to find just a cobwebs and electric Halloween toys. "LAME!!!" My friend Will yelled out.

"Shut up Will, what if they hear you" I whispered back.

"There's no one here, you'll be fine."

"If I get attacked then it's your fault."

"Nothing will happen, now just walk."

I ran up to catch up with the rest of the group. We made it out safely.

"See, I told you nothing would go wrong."

"You never know. They might be watching us. They'll probably come after us in the next one."

"Yea right, I'm, sure they will."

Next was the "Haunted field." The group slowly treaded through the tall grass, a chainsaw buzzed about five yards away, I screamed. We quickened our pace as more sounds appeared and sounded closer then ever. Then end of the path was near. Everyone but Will and I ran for the end. Wouldn't you know it, the moment I was exposed to the outer side of the circle a man with a chainsaw comes flying at me from behind the bushes. Once again, I screamed, it wasn't just a scream it was a high, shrilly, blood curling scream. I raced around Will trying to escape from the monster.

"Just GO!" Will pushed me out of the field and into the arms of one of my other friends.

I hadn't had enough. I was ready to go after a quick breather. The Clown House, the outer side of the small trailer-like building gave me the creeps.

"Groups of two" the ticket lady hollered over the crowed. I was paired with Will again. Slowly we climbed the old wooden stairs and entered a dark room. Nothing was too scary, not till the end. The group in front of us pointed out a clown that was leaning against the wall, they walked passed him with no problems. I thought he was a fake, with Will behind me I inched toward the door. The clown jumped at me, I turned around to run. Like always Will was there to push me out the door.

Running as fast as I could I tripped and fell to the ground. A rock lodged in to my elbow. The clown was right behind me when I got back on my feet. I tried to run again, only to find myself getting knocked unconscious. I woke up in a hospital bed; I had a concussion and my arm in a sling with four stitches in my elbow. •

© 2008 Danielle Chapman, Plano East Senior High School.