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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : Georgia Peach

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

Georgia Peach

By Jasmine Berry

Halloween Stories"Ellie! Ellie! Come down here child and help me with these peaches!" my granny Willie May was calling me from the kitchen.

"Alright Willie May, I'm comin'!" I never called her granny or grandma because she never fit the description of an old woman. Always wearing bright colorful dresses (she never wore pants) in neon pink or burnt orange, she ceased to amaze with her spunky attitude.

If she ever heard me call her granny she would say, "Look here Ellie, I am not an old lady! I still have my younger years and until I turn 100, you just keep callin' me Willie May!"

When I reached downstairs, I saw her coming my way with a basket full of sweet smelling peaches.

"There you are Ellie come on now; we have to carve these peaches for the Halloween festival tomorrow." I followed her to the marble floored kitchen and saw that she already started carving peaches. There was one with eyes for little chocolate kisses and a mouth shaped like Elvis Presley. "Grab that carving tool Ellie and start carvin' right away, because Miss Janice is coming by to pick them up." She started peeling the fuzzy skin off one bright and ripe peach.

"Yes, ma'am."

As I sat across from Willie May at the dining table, I started carving a face that resembled one of those creepy pumpkins people used. I thought to myself what kind of person carves peaches for Halloween? Only Willie May.

The kitchen now was filled with the aroma of sweet peaches and spicy cinnamon from the cinnamon peach cake in the oven. Boy, I couldn't wait for that cake to be finished! Cinnamon Peach cake was not your average cake; it was filled with chunks of bright orange peaches and swirls of cinnamon zigzagging its way throughout the cake.

"Willie May, can I ask you something?"

"Sure kiddo what's on that mind of yours?"

"Well I want to know how you started the peach carving tradition."

"It came from my great-great Aunt Sally who was tired of always carving pumpkins and hated the way they smelled. She thought to herself that carving peaches would be much more fun than hackin' away at some vegetable, and plus it was more quicker."

"Do you like carving peaches grandma — oh I mean Willie May!", there I go again, I thought to myself.

Willie May bucked her stern hazel eyes at me, and then smiled. Whew!

"Oh I love peaches baby, especially around Halloween time! The fresh smell of sweet peaches early in the morning." She continued carving away the firm skin of the peaches and started humming "Baby Love."

Finally Willie May took out the cake when we finished the peaches. When she took it out, my whole body quivered with joy and excitement. My mouth began to water because of the cake's warm cinnamon and sweet aroma infused my body as if someone poured cold water on your face to wake you up.

"Oooo, Willie May I can't wait to eat that cake. It smells so good!" I walked over to her by the kitchen counter and inhaled the cake's yummy goodness.

"Yep, it's going to be so good. But we have to get those peaches ready in the basket for Miss Janice."

"Yes ma'am. Where's the black basket?"

"Upstairs and look in the hall closet it should be there."

I came back downstairs and saw Willie May's thick body roaming around like a little busy body. I sure did love her, she was the only person I could count on for anything I needed.

"Willie May, here's the basket." I sat it on the table and helped her cut up the cake.

After Miss Janice departed, Willie May and I sat outside in the deep darkness on her back porch.

"You know something Ellie?"

"Yeah, Willie May?"

"I'm glad you're here. Ever since you were born, I've always been excited about sharing this Halloween tradition with you. I know sometimes you might I belong in the crazy house, but I'm just so glad that you get to experience this with me."

Even though it was pitch black, the moon highlighted her bright smile and me feel like light was shining through like one of those carved peaches.

"Me too, Willie May." •

© 2008 Jasmine Berry, Plano East Senior High.