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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : Adventure to the VanDrullens'

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

Adventure to the VanDrullens'

By Kayleigh VanHecke

Halloween StoriesI smoothed out my black dress and tugged on my pointy, black boots. My heart pounded with excitement and anxiety as I placed my tall witch hat on my head. Looking in the mirror, I made sure my hair was curled the way I wanted it and examined my make up. The mirror reflected my image of a witch with a stuffed, black cat on my shoulder.

He mewed happily, flicking his tail back and forth and nodding his head once. I felt like he was human sometimes. Grabbing my broom, I walked out of my room and head for downstairs. My friends would be here any minute to go trick-or-treating.

The doorbell ran with a loud "clung". I ran to the door, opening it quickly. My friends stood in front of me. Adam was wearing a Harry Potter costume, looking identical to the actor and the pictures in the books. Even his lightning bolt was drawn perfectly.

Jessica sported a flannel button up shirt, dark jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. Her black hair was in two braided pigtails. She tipped her hat down a bit and smiled like the men in old western movies. "Howdy, partner," she said in a deep voice. All three of us laughed because she had morphed her voice so well.

"Mom, I'll see you at nine!" I exclaimed, knowing she was in the kitchen.

"Okay, Rose. Stay away from the VanDrullens' house, you hear!" She yelled sternly in that motherly way.

I rolled my eyes and smirked mischievously at Adam and Jessica. Shutting the door behind me, we trotted down the walkway to make our adventure. Leon nudged my cheek enthusiastically, and I chuckled at the tingling of his whiskers and soft fur.

We scurried down the sidewalk, stopping at certain houses for candy. It was already dark when we reached the trees across from the VanDrullens' house. It was an old green Victorian style that was damaged and decrepit. The windows had jagged holes that stared like eyes at anyone who stepped near the house. The porch smiled at us with saber-tooth teeth. The house looked angry and haunted. The white of the picket fence was faded and many of the posts were broken. The house was so scary that I imagined fog hanging above the ground, lingering to frighten us. I clenched my fists, feeling sweat form on my palms.

The VanDrullens' never came out of their house; no one ever saw them. There was a mystery that hung like bats over the whole city. I glanced at Jessica and then at Adam. We all nodded at each other. Bolting up the sidewalk, we stopped short in front of their door which was dark and menacing.

"Ring the doorbell!" Jessica commanded Adam in a whisper.

"No, you do it!"

They started to bicker softly until I lifted my hand up and pressed the small white button on the wall. The chimes rang out in a minor tone, echoing chillingly in my mind. My heart raced against my chest wildly.

The door opened with loud creaking noise, making me cringe and clench my jaw. I could hear all of our hearts beating faster and faster as we felt our life hanging on the edge. Was this it? Was this the last moment of our lives? Were the malicious murdering VanDrullens' going to cut us down and eat us for dinner? Fear bubbled in my veins as the door hung wide open, awaiting the destiny of our youthful lives. •

© 2008 Kayleigh VanHecke, Plano East Senior High.