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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : Halloween Happening

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

Halloween Happening

By Caitlyn Dowdy

Halloween StoriesIn the nightmare fall breeze night myself and a group of girls walked down the kid littered alleys, back to my house. Once we entered, everyone sat down and dumped their load of candies onto the living room floor. They all looked around noticing what they had as opposed to others. Each girl divided the piles of candy they wanted and what they wanted to trash. Susan broke the silence with a negative, "I hate Kit-Kats" comment and suddenly everyone chimed in with an agreement. I meekly muttered that I actually enjoyed them and the room's eyes turned to me like knives. At this age, going against the crowd was not a position you want to be in, especially, while you are the only one actually dressed in a costume. A lion body suit that was hand made, not purchased from a mass seasonally open costume store.

The room interrupted to suggestions in the form of dares. "I dare you to eat all of them." That would have been 8 of the fun-sized little candies. It would have been quite a feat considering I just gorged candy while walking back to my house along with everyone else. I had just put myself in a position or exile, so what better way to resume the attention? At the time I was unaware that it was not the good kind of attention. So carefully unwrapping all 8 Kit-Kats, and placing them on top of my plastic bag, I contemplated my decision.

It didn't seem like that big of a deal. It was Halloween, they might be talking about this until Thanksgiving. So I crammed 4 Kit-Kats into my mouth, chewed until they were the consistency of oatmeal and struggled to swallow as my eyes watered. Another 4 wouldn't be too bad. Drool collected at the sides of my mouth as I stacked 4 more in. My tongue felt like paste. My teeth were coated in slippery chocolate. I could feel the mush traveling slowly down my throat and my eyes scanned the room for some kind of liquid to wash it down with. The room gave me nothing.

When it was over the group of girls looked at me in disgust and laughed. What a way to make myself known, I thought to myself. For the next 10 minutes we talked about what had just happened. After that conversations changed to something like boys or some popular girl in school. I couldn't really remember because I was more worried about my stomach turning and a strange taste collecting at the sides of my mouth. Suddenly I could not swallow and I let out a huge burp.

Next thing I knew I was running for the bathroom, but it was occupied, so I pivoted and ran for the front door, bursting through a crowd of confused, dressed up, little 4-year-olds and their parents. I made it to the grass and saw and tasted my 8 Kit-Kats for the second time.

Giving into peer pressure for attention never tasted so horrible. •

© 2008 Caitlyn Dowdy, Plano East Senior High.