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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : A Halloween Scare

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

A Halloween Scare

By Meghan Andrewartha

Halloween Stories"Be careful with that knife!" my mom warned for the thirty-second time.

I rolled my eyes. "I know mom. I've done this before." I went back to my carving as my mom hovered nearby. I had been carving my own jack-o-lanterns since I was 9 but my mom was still freaked that I would cut off an arm. That's what happens when you're the only child of a single mother.

"Don't you think you should — "

"Mom!" I interrupted, pausing with a handful of pumpkin. "It's alright! Go fill the candy bowl or something."

She cast a withering stare in my direction before walking away. Dropping the seeds into a bowl I reached for another scoop. The lights flickered off suddenly leaving me in a dark and messy situation.

"Mom!" I yelled. "Not funny!"

My mother was notorious for pulling silly pranks on me but she knew I was scared of the dark. When she didn't answer I sighed and began fumbling around the kitchen for a flashlight. I found my prized item as a knock sounded on the kitchen window. "Mom! Is that you?" I called, my voice wavering slightly.

I clicked on the small light and stepped cautiously towards the window. I lifted the blinds slowly and screamed. 'I see you' was written across the glass and a pumpkin leered in. "Okay mom you can give it up now!" I hollered, stepping away from the window.

My only response was a loud thumping from the other room. I began to walk cautiously towards it, testing every light switch I passed. "Come on mom, cut it out." I said shakily.

Stepping into my mother's bedroom I shone the light around. Everything looked normal until I saw the walls. The guts from my pumpkin had been splattered across them. I screamed and ran from the room, collapsing against a wall and willing my heart to slow. A soft scratching came from the front door.

"Mom?" I asked warily, getting up slowly. As I turned the lock and opened the door a flash ran by. My cat. I locked the door quickly and began to call her back to me.

"Gracie," I called softly. "Come here sweetie." She stepped forward gingerly and nudged my outstretched hand. I pet her softly until I felt a piece of paper cut my hand. "Shoot!" I hissed, recoiling in pain.

I plucked a small piece of paper out from under her collar and angled my light onto it. 'Surprise' it said in the same messy scrawl. I dropped the note in a frenzy and ran towards the front door.

As I ripped it open something dropped down in front of me. It looked like a body as it swung slowly. Upon closer inspection I saw a small piece of paper pinned to its chest, instructing me to turn around.

I gulped and turned to see two shadows emerging from the dark. "Please don't hurt me," I whimpered, cowering against the door in fear.

Suddenly the lights turned on and I was greeted by the sight of my mother and boyfriend doubled over in laughter. I turned to see that the body was actually just a scarecrow. "I can't believe you two!" I screeched in surprise. "You terrified me!"

This only made them laugh harder. "We're sorry honey but it was just so much fun," my mom forced out in between gasps for air.

My pout didn't last long and I was soon doubled over in laughter as well. "Y'all suck," I gasped out with a smile. One thing was for sure; I'll remember this Halloween forever. •

© 2008 Meghan Andrewartha, Plano East Senior High.