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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : Twist and Turn

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

Twist and Turn

By Scott Miller

Halloween StoriesImagine a time where one of the greatest joys in your life was running from house to house for candy. Your friends running next to you, playing and laughing together, until you come to the house. You and your friends look at the house nervously. You all remember last year, you remember screaming and running away, you remember having nightmares for a week afterward, and you remember your older sibling making fun of you for weeks afterward.

After waiting a few seconds, you hear several screams coming from the house and three children run away from the house crying. You know its tradition to go in the house in groups of three, so you and two of your friends approach the door. The "Enter at Your Own Risk" sign was written in the same eerie handwriting and scarlet paint. Your friend slowly opens the door; three of you slide through the door.

The maze looks similar to last year, but you know it's not. Every year the maze is set up different, but the house looks the same. Cobwebs cover the furniture and walls. Everywhere you turn there are black fuzzy spiders. Several skeletons lay on the cobwebbed chairs. The three paths open to you are the two maze openings on your left and the stair case.

It is well-known that the stairs are the scariest path to take; even the older kids are scared of the upstairs. So you chose to go through one of the maze entrance on the left. A series of sheets that seem suspended in mid-air make up the walls of the maze. You and your friends decide that splitting up would be the best way to find the candy that is suppose to be hidden in here, but no one ever finds it. One of your friends says that since he is the oldest and biggest he would go alone to the left. So you and your other friend go right. Not long after you split up, you hear him scream.

You walk through the twists and turns until you come to the first ghoul.

These beings covered in black with distorted faces are the reason no one ever finds the candy. Some are friendly, some are not.

This ghoul doesn't move so you and your friend figure it's safe. As you start walking by it you tense up waiting for it to move or grab you, but it doesn't move and you pass it without it even moving an inch, As you relax, a strong arm grabs your shoulder. You and your friend scream, you break away and run as fast as you can deeper into the maze. As you get over your recent heart attack you spin around, looking for your friend, but you realize she must have been caught.

Panicked, you race through the twists and turns till you come up to a fork in the road, but this one is different from the last. There was a Ghoul in front of both paths, both cloaked in black. Leaving no time to waste, you rush past the left Ghoul, and you feel it grab your costume but you refuse to stop. You feel the grip on your costume release as you run through the twists and turns.

For the first time in your life you see the candy… Lying in the lap of a Ghoul. You poke the ghoul to see if it's safe and he doesn't move. You reach into the bowl of candy, and are rewarded with an iron grip on you. •

© 2008 Scott Miller, Plano East Senior High.