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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : "Boo Halloweenie!"

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

"Boo Halloweenie! Who are you supposed to be?"

By Mariangeles Masegosa

Halloween StoriesI have always liked playing around with bright colored clothes, wigs, face painting, etc. I used to make my own costumes for festivals at school, as well as my brother's and sister's since our mom did not enjoy that stuff too much.

When I knew for sure that I was going to be an au pair in the USA back in July 1998, one of my first thoughts was for Halloween. I loved the idea of spending a real Halloween doing trick or treating door to door in a weird costume in the best country to do it, since in Spain, my home country, we did not celebrate that holiday by then. I really liked the themed decorations too: ghost and goblins, carved pumpkins, bats, spider webs, smoke coming out of the opened doors, tombstones, scary sounds… Even the color scheme [orange + purple + green + black] amazed me!!

So, the three children I was taking care of, a few of their friends and me put on our costumes and got ready to go door to door. My very own real Halloween! I just could not believe it… I really do not remember who the two boys were, I think any kind of ghost or killer (they were eight and ten); the little four years old girl was Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, and I was… the fact is that I put on a black velvet top with gauze sleeves and satin ribbons, a black corduroy short skirt, a pair of black tights with green frogs and white nenuphars printed on them and medium cane boots, not too high heels so I would be comfortable enough for the long walk. I got my hair in a high ponytail, put on a green hair band too and painted my lips and my fingernails black. I also put on my face and my neck some glitter. I was totally ready for some terrifying fun!

We had taken a few pictures in the house front. When the aunt of my host mother (the mom of the kids) came over and saw me, we had an interesting conversation:

Auntie: "Hi Mariangeles, who are you supposed to be?:

Me: "I don't know… no one…"

Auntie: "And where is your bag for treats?"

Me: "I don't like treats…"

Auntie: (Made a weird face like asking what I was doing dressed like that and going trick or treating without a bag.)

Me: "I just love Halloween and wanted to get dressed and go around with the kids."

All of us laughed and went out, it was trick or treat time! We had so much fun. •

© 2008 Mariangeles Masegosa,