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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : It Hurts to be This Good

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

It Hurts to be This Good

By Matt Eckhardt

Halloween StoriesWhen I was just nine, a little boy, Halloween was still such a wonder, a fuel for mystery. There wasn't a costume I wanted to wear more than the little police officer mimic costume. So as history follows, my mother was surely to buy it for me, but I wouldn't want to wear it after this terror filled night.

"Mommy! Mommy! Let me go to this house on my own!" I was jumping in excitement, still, after the first hour had passed. In a sigh, ready to be done with the night, she calmly addressed me back.

"Alright, but hurry up. These things can be dangerous." As I ran up to the door a skeleton, which had been buried in a coffin, jumped out with a high pitched laugh to go with it.

"Har Har Har Har!" it yelled at me, forcing me to jump back. After I quickly overcame this scary moment, the door calmly and swiftly opened. As I looked back to see my mother's smiling face full of pride, she was running away. People were yelling about some little girl down the street. She had collapsed and was bleeding all over the concrete. But all of this was too much for me to comprehend. So in my demise I turned around where two arms grabbed around mine, and then pulled me into the house. Without a sound I was gone.

When I came back to my senses, all I could see was black, a blinding black. All I could hear were screams screams of torture. I was sitting in a chair. Then the blindfold, that was keeping me form my location, was removed.

"Hey there little kid, you wanna be a policeman, huh?" asked the voice of a creepy figure, dressed in all dark clothes with a ski mask on, like you see in the movies. Before I could get the words out of my mouth, a backhand landed across my jaw, he laughed, just like the skeleton did. "Do you know what people like me do to cops?" waiting for me to try and respond, but like a trained dog, I knew not to. "We kill them."

My face was soon bloody, I could see only out of my right eye, the other was swollen shut, I could see this on a broken piece of glass on the concrete paved floor, in this dark green room. After an hour of this bloody torture and ridicule, all I could think of was if my mother was looking for me. Suddenly then I felt the worse pain I had felt in my life. I looked down at the knife left inside of my stomach. I let out a horrific scream as my mind put pain to sight.

After my yelp was stopped by another hit to my face I heard a chain saw start behind me.

"And here is where you finally die Pig!" The deranged man screamed. I looked straight up at the heavens where the chain saw was lowering down upon me, slowly but with strength, to put me out of my misery. As the rotating blades first make contact with my face, ripping all the skin from my jaw, all I hear is my mother's voice.

"Matt! Matt! Wake up!" I am dazed," You are having a nightmare! Wake up!"

Oh, I am saved. •

© 2008 Matt Eckhardt, Plano East Senior High.