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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : A Night of Terror

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

A Night of Terror

By Brandon Mcallister

Halloween StoriesIt was a brisk Friday night when my best friend Joseph arrived over my house. Being bored on a Friday night was never good so I asked him what he wanted to do. With a sly smile on his face he suggested that we go to a Haunted House.

I was a little iffy about the idea but in the end I decided to go. I was already nervous, but to make matters worse, upon going outside I noticed there was a light fog in the area and when I looked into the night sky there was a full moon. Everything about the situation just sent a chill down my spine.

The drive seemed like it took forever and when we finally arrived to the haunted house a part of me was pleased to see a very long line. This delayed the inevitable for that much longer. While we waited Joseph and I talked about school and girls, the usual things that made the time pass.

I must have been having too much fun with the conversation, however, because before I knew it, we were next up to go into the haunted house. My palms became sweaty, I gained a lump in the back of my throat and my stomach all of a sudden got a terrible case of the butterflies. I took a deep breath as me and Joseph entered.

We were greeted by a very creepy-looking witch. She told us a password to remember but I was to busy looking around, and trying to keep from shaking to hear what she said. She made us sit down at a table where she said numerous chants. The table began to move in a circle and unexpectedly a jolt of electricity zapped all of the chairs. I almost jumped out of my skin in fear.

After that we walked through many more rooms with dragons, had a corpse thrown at us, and even crawled through a coffin. At a certain point we came into a room with a witch and a very tall and creepy man. They asked us for the password. I was shocked to realize that I didn't have the first clue as to what it was. Joseph however, trembling and out of breath, muttered, "Wolfsbane."

"You can pass," said the tall man in a deep menacing voice.

There were three doors in front of us. Me and Joseph looked at each other puzzled as to which on to go through. "Hurry up!" yelled the witch completely out of character. We chose to go through door number two. We entered a large room with what looked like dead horses and before I knew it we were being chased by a man on stilts. That was the night I realized I don't like stilted people very much. He chased us for what seemed like an eternity. I have to say though, for a man on stilts his speed was impressive.

We finally reached a long hallway and ran with everything we had to escape the tall man. He screamed after us as we reached the door. We opened it and were greeted by the cool night air. I fell to the ground thanking God that I had made it out of the sadistic fun house alive.

I noticed one of the employees standing against a wall with cigarette in hand laughing at us. "You guys don't look so good." He said with a grin. "Do you wanna go back in?" He asked as he exhaled cigarette smoke.

Still out of breath I looked at the man and said "yeah." After I left that haunted house I couldn't sleep for two weeks straight, but I love haunted houses now for some reason. •

© 2008 Brandon Mcallister, Plano East Senior High.