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Halloween Story Writing Contest
2008 Halloween Story Contest : Showcase : One Crazy Night

Halloween Creative Writing Story Showcase

One Crazy Night

By Tanner Litle

Halloween StoriesHalloween was drawing ever nearer and Tommy could barely contain his excitement. He wasn't excited about the fact that if he dressed up and walked around knocking on doors he would get free candy. No Tommy had fallen out of that routine 4 years prior at the age of 12. He was a senior now and his excitement was reserved for the Halloween party he would be throwing.

It was Thursday and Friday was Halloween. After school Tommy went home to get the preparations for the party taking care of. He didn't want to throw anything big, just 5 or 10 people, maybe not even that many. Tommy called his friend Steven first.

"Hey man I'm having a get together tomorrow for Halloween, you down?"

Steven replied, "Yea I'm sure I can swing by, we will make it happen."

So Tommy made a few more calls to his friends Robert and Chris. They said they most definitely would be coming by for the party. Tommy set his room up to where there was a couch and a chair for people to sit down. Tommy knew only three people were coming for sure, but he was positive more people would come through.

That night Tommy went to the store and bought two 24-packs of Coca-Cola. He also got some snacks including chips and candy. He had rented a couple of movies from Blockbuster, one of which was Iron Man. Tommy was satisfied with his arrangements for the party.

Tommy groggily woke up the next morning and got dressed for school. When he got there he spread around that there was a party at his house tonight, hoping more people would show up.

When school ended Tommy got a ride home from Chris. When they got to Tommy's house Steven, Robert, and Joe were waiting for him. Tommy walked up to Joe and said, "Thanks for coming man I'm sure we are going to have a crazy night."

Joe replied, "Yea well it better be or I'm going to be mad…. Just kidding!"

As it got later into the night Tommy and his friends were having a blast; they had drank one of the 24-packs dry and had started on the other. When it was about midnight Tommy thought he felt something different deep in his gut. Tommy began to sweat and his gut twisted and turned.

"No, no, no — this can't happen, not tonight. How could I be so careless!"

Tommy ran to his bedroom window and looked up at the moon. He knew the moon was full but he had to make sure, and sure enough as the cloud blocking the moon drifted away Tommy looked up at the full intensity of the moon and knew his friends wouldn't survive the night. He could already feel the feral instinct washing over him. He could smell the scent of his friends.

The itching was unbearable under his skin. His body started to spasm in odd ways. His friends looked on in horror as his mouth started to extend into a wolfish snout, as his hands turned into claws, and his human shell slid off his body to reveal a very huge and very hungry werewolf.

His friends screamed in horror as Tommy lashed out and struck Steven in the head decapitating him, blood spurting out of the wound. Chris, trying to defend himself, saw a knife on Tommy's bookshelf, unsheathed it and slashed at Tommy cutting his forearm. Tommy howled in anger and turned on Chris.

Tommy grasped Chris by the throat crushing his esophagus and then tossing him aside like a rag doll. Robert and Joe had barricaded themselves in Tommy's closet hoping he wouldn't be able to get in. The attempt to save their lives meant nothing because Tommy shredded the door and proceeded to rip them apart, feeding on their entrails.

When Tommy was finished with his snack he ventured out into the night never to be seen or heard from again — at least not in his town. •

© 2008 Tanner Litle, Plano East Senior High School.