Through the Eyes of SoulCollage®

With Anne Marie Bennett

Through the Eyes of SoulCollage®This inspiring series is based on Anne Marie Bennett's Through the Eyes of SoulCollage®: Reflections on Life Via the SoulCollage Lens. It focuses on life lessons, animal companions, the importance of community, the mystery of the spiritual, and ways to actively use your own process with the cards.

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Doing the Next Thing

Even when the path ahead isn't clear, we can learn to practice moving with the intuitive, trusting, flowing self. Simply do the next thing, and trust that you will always be shown the next step.

Asking the Important Questions

What do you really need right now, in this moment? How can you give this to yourself in some way (big or small) this week?

I'm Not a Duck

Creating little rituals that bring comfort and joy to remind you of your goodness, beauty, and gifts.