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Creativity Coaching Articles by Rita Farin -
Creativity Coaching : Rita Farin

Unleash Your Imagination with Creativity Coach Rita Farin

Rita Farin
Interview with Rita Farin
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Learn how Rita mustered the courage to take her first creative fiction writing class, and then began to write and paint, launching a second career and living her creative dream!

Rita Farin is a twenty-year marketing professional and entrepreneur who chose to become a full-time writer and artist. She is a certified creativity coach, consultant and facilitator and a Svaroopa® yoga teacher. Using a compassionate, nurturing coaching approach and playful techniques, Rita helps individuals unleash their imaginations to create new realities — whether that means starting a business, writing a book or changing careers. Through her workshops, coaching and written articles, Rita guides clients in releasing the familiar issues that come up during the creative process and times of transition, including procrastination and self-doubt. She also designs corporate programs that foster creativity in the workplace and improve business productivity. Learn more at

Creativity Features with Rita Farin

Georgia's on my mindů
By Rita Farin
The role of relationships, love and solitude in the creative process.

The Transformative Power of Visualization
By Rita Farin
As I coach myself and others through transition, I've learned that the most important part of change goes on in the mind.

Building Confidence During Transition
By Rita Farin
Moving towards our dreams means saying yes with confidence.

Mindless Writing 101: Permission to Play, Have Fun and Be an Artist
By Rita Farin
Old Myths vs. New Realities.

In the Sane Asylum, I Was an African Queen
By Rita Farin
Expressive arts not only bring creativity into your life in the least intimidating way, but they teach you about yourself.