Popcorn Doodling

Positive Playfullness™ with Ira Verant

Ira VerantIra Verant is a recovering addict of satirical sarcasm. Now, a hopeful practicer of Positive Playfullness™ Verant's 5-year plan is to fully ripen on the vine of serendipitous sweetness while mastering the entire 'parts of speech' list.

As a green owlet, Ira was mercilessly pecked at in scholarly environments and quickly became a sharp-tongued Strigiform as a defense mechanism. Over time, Ira's sneering nature scared off feathered friends and she eventually found herself all alone in the woods. Eventually through the process of playful self-discovery, Ira came home to roost in her own true self and invented the Positive Playfullness™ model of group engagement known today. She's been featured in Who's Who?, Cross-eyed Creatives, and Binocular Birds.

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Doodling Popcorn Increases IQ

Doodling can enhance concentration and memory retention. Doodling popcorn expands these capabilities.