4 Seasons

Poetry Writing for Body/Mindfulness

with Meredith Heller

Meredith Heller"I explain that as poets we notice things, feel things deeply, and have a strong need to express ourselves. This expression can be cathartic and empowering. I'm not here to teach you other people's poetry; I'm here for you to teach me your poetry."

Meredith Heller is the author of Writing by Heart, Write a Poem, Save Your Life, and several poetry collections. A poet, singer-songwriter, avid nature lover, and educator with degrees in writing and education, she leads writing workshops online and in-person at schools, juvenile detention centers, women's prisons, and wellness retreats. Visit her online at www.MeredithHeller.com.

Poetry Writing and Prompts

Explore mandalas and talismans, moon medicine, nature treasures, and using the presence of walking to weave poems and tune-in to your body/mindfulness.


Weave the abandoned parts of yourself back into belonging.

Everything Contains Everything

Everything has a little bit of everything within it.


Create inner peace in a crazy world.

Zen Bones

Boil your poems down to the essence.

Mandalas and Talismans

Letting go of what no longer serves you and moving forward with new intention.

Moon Medicine

When's the last time you walked outside at night, looked up, and felt inspired by the moon's beauty?

We Are Nature

Connecting ourselves through the cycle of seasons.

Walking Poems

Using the presence of walking to weave poems.

Nature Treasure

Finding inspiration through found treasures in nature.