Career Self-Care

With Minda Zetlin

Minda Zetlin Minda Zetlin is the author of Career Self-Care: Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment at Work. Her articles, books, and workshops offer research-backed advice to help people get the most out of their careers and their lives. She writes the highly popular Laid-Back Leader column at and is a regular contributor to Insider and

In this series, Zetlin guides us in making every workday better, being more creative, and having better relationships through basic self-care practices elf-care practices like saying "no", working less, mindfulness, meditation breaks, breathing exercises, and power journaling.

The Power of No

Times when no is almost certainly the right answer.

Work Less and Sleep Better

Bragging about how little sleep you get has fallen out of fashion, which is a good thing.

Work Less and Be Better at Your Job

Setting appropriate expectations for your energy levels and brain activity.

Work Less and Be More Creative

Taking our minds off work helps create new brain connections that help spark new ideas and innovation

Work Less and Improve Your Relationships

Working long hours and overloading yourself is bad for your relationships with your colleagues, your boss, and anyone who reports to you.

Work Matters Less Than You Think It Does

Overworking on our jobs distorts our judgment about how important those jobs are.