Say It Out Loud

with Vasavi Kumar

KumarVasavi Kumar is a licensed therapist and the outspoken host of the Say It Out Loud with Vasavi podcast, which inspires, encourages, and teaches people to transform the conversation they're having with themselves internally, so they can spread their beautiful ideas as authentically as possible.

She runs the powerful twelve-week Say It Out Loud Safe Haven community for coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Vasavi holds dual master's degrees, one in special education from Hofstra University and one in social work from Columbia University. Visit her online at: VasaviKumar.com.

Play Hide and Seek Out Loud

Most people are afraid of their own power and whom they can become if they truly allow all the parts of themselves to stop hiding and come out and play.

Your Hidden Parts Are Superpowers

You can call yourself a procrastinator, too much, too loud, quiet, shy, or you can start to see those parts of you as your superpowers.

Release Your Resistance

Your resistance is the creative child inside you that got silenced and shamed along the way by your inner cynic who is beyond condescending and is just terrified of failing.