Creative Outlets

Creative Outlets

By Chris Dunmire | February 19, 2022

In between covers
an abundance of sheets,
reveal new worlds
and imaginative dreams.
Is it a bed or a book?

What are your favorite creative outlets?

Creativity 1-2-3By time I was eight, I knew there was something about art-making and creative writing that energized me. I'm so grateful to my school teachers who fostered creativity in the classroom, and to my mother, who supported my childhood leanings by encouraging my curiosity and sense of adventure through creative toys and books, and a library card at six, which meant endless exploration through fully stocked shelves!

When I was five, a family friend held out two gifts: a doll and a book. With a warm smile, she invited me to choose: "Which would you like?" I didn't hesitate a moment for the book. Now I see what a telling litmus test this was for the way my life would unfold.

What about you? How did you discover your favorite mediums and modes? What specifically about them drew you in? And how did they develop over time?

If you'd like to share pieces your story, I'd love for you to respond to these questions or to my 20Q. At the very least, I know they'll prompt introspection and reveal insights to help deepen your appreciation for your creative journey, and just maybe, where you long to grow.

A Lifetime of Creative Opportunity

"We see children lovingly absorbed in their play. We can only be a success in a line which interests us greatly. Great inventors are never bored with their work, or they would not bring forth great inventions." —Florence Scovel Shinn

Creative OutletsFavored outlets for creative expression often start in early childhood and can change over time. A child who enjoys coloring may develop a fascination with the variety of ways crayons and markers create colorful worlds on paper.

Likewise, writing and journaling connects students with the power of words and how they can be crafted to evoke thought and emotion in between the lines.

School plays and music lessons pull many towards music, singing, dancing, and performing. Sports bring forth kinesthetic expression through speed, strength, flexibility, and movement.

Adults frequently find passion later in life through templated crafts or spinning and weaving their own designs in fabric, color, beads, clay, and other materials.

Grandma Moses, famous painter who kicked off her artistic career at age 78, is a bold example of how age is never a barrier to discovering our talents. Yes, creative outlets exist in an endless variety of mediums and modes for all ages to experiment and enjoy.

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