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Scrapbooking Resources
Arts & Crafts : Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking Articles, Ideas, Layouts, Printables, How-to's

See also: Free Scrapbook Template Layouts

Scrapbooking is a creative way to mount and preserve pictures, letters, clippings, and other precious mementos to create memory books. It encourages a variety of artistic techniques to create one-of-a-kind page layouts mixed with borders, creative type design, clipart, rubber stamping, and writing.

Learn more about this creative craft by browsing this collection of scrapbooking articles and resources that explain the scrapbooking attraction, process, archiving suggestions; and those that share free fun tips, techniques, layouts, and page elements for your own creative scrapbooking projects.

How-to Scrapbooking Articles @Creativity Portal

Digital Scrapbooks, Photos and Fonts
By David Seidl
Creative elements to modern scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking: What's the Attraction?
By Kristi Kovalishyn
Personally, I would prefer to call it "collage journaling."

Making Paper Layouts on Your Computer
By Cindy Schrauben
Many scrapbookers create layouts entirely through digital means.

How to Preserve Your Scrapbooks
By Palyn Peterson
Once you spend your precious time and energy creating a scrapbook, make sure it lasts!

How-to Scrapbooking Resources

Free Scrapbook Layouts and Printables
Resources with free scrapbooking layouts and a variety of free cutouts you can print and add to your scrapbooking pages: American flag, fall leaves, and St. Patrick's day decorations.

Scrapbook Crazy: Mini Album Instructions
Provides a huge variety of free, easy-to-follow scrapbook mini album instructions, printable templates, and altered project ideas. Be inspired to create beautiful mini albums and other fantastic gifts for your family, friends, and yourself.

Creative Memories Idea Center
Scrapbooking information, ideas, and tips. Excellent resource for comprehensible advice for beginners on layout themes, borders, photography, pictures, and other page elements. The Source for Scrapbooking
"The premier online scrap booking magazine." Features scrap booking layouts, memories, cropping, general scrapping information, articles, and trends. Plus, learn how to have fun with fonts, stamping, paper art, taking care of albums and archiving, and keeping memories alive.

Scrapbook Town
Visit Scrapbook Town for scrapbook ideas and information. Browse through their page layout gallery to get ideas and inspiration for your albums. Follow their informative tutorial to learn how to get started with the fun and rewarding hobby of scrapbooking.

Collected Memories Scrapbooks
"Your all-in-one scrap booking resource." Features a tips, tricks, and layouts section with ideas of the month, a beginner's page, holiday history, poem of the month, sayings for scrapbooks, and inspiring photos.

Creative Scrapbooking
"Information, inspiration, and imagination for scrapbooking enthusiasts!" Features tips and ideas, layouts, contests, and reviews for the best magazines, books, and other scrapbooking resources.

One Scrappy Site Scrapbooking Community
Scrap booking layouts, tips, and techniques. Over a dozen informational and how-to scrap booking articles, free fonts, and sample layout designs.

Crazy for Scrappin'
"Intended to be a home for all those scrapbook enthusiasts out there who are addicted to scrap booking. This is a place to share ideas and inspiration, bond with fellow scrappers and have fun!" Features an idea corner, scrappin' secrets, feature articles, and related product reviews.