Dreaming the Soul Back Home

Dreaming, Shamanism, and Imagination with Robert Moss

"We can't lose spirit, when the term means mind, higher consciousness or our spark of the Godhead. But we can lose contact with it, and block our own access to the Greater Self." —Robert Moss

Robert MossRobert Moss is the author of Sidewalk Oracles and numerous other books about dreaming, shamanism, and imagination. He is a novelist, poet, and independent scholar, and the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. He leads creative and shamanic adventures all over the world and leads popular online courses in Active Dreaming for The Shift Network. His website is MossDreams.com.

Secrets of the Imagination

The Stronger the Imagination, the Less Imaginary the Results

Four secrets of the imagination that will help you grow a vision of bright possibility so rich and alive that it wants to take root in the world.

Dreaming the Soul Back Home

Everyone Who Dreams is a Little Bit Shaman

The essence of the shaman’s power to travel and to heal is the ability to dream strong. We stand at the edge of such power when we dream and remember to do something with our dreams.

Meeting the Soul of the Soul: Meditation and Exercise

Sufis speak of the soul of the soul. Let’s borrow that phrase to define our direction as we embark on a journey to encounter soul on a higher level.

In the Secret Library

What is in your secret library? You have been there in dreams. Exercise: Journey to the Secret Library.

Q & A with Robert Moss: Dreaming the Soul Back Home

What is the difference between spirit and soul? What is soul loss? What role does addiction play in soul loss? Are there other ways, in addition to working with our dreams, to experience soul recovery?

Sidewalk Oracles

A Glimpse into the 12 Rules of Kairomancy

Rules 9-12 from Robert Moss' Sidewalk Oracles: Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in Everyday Life. Includes: You Walk in Many Worlds; Marry Your Field; Dance with the Trickster; and The Way Will Show the Way.