Dreaming the Soul Back Home

Meeting the Soul of the Soul Meditation

from Dreaming the Soul Back Home
by Robert Moss | Posted 2/1/12 | Updated 6/10/23

“You are not a troubled guest on this earth,
you are not an accident amidst other accidents
you were invited from another and greater night
than the one from which you have just emerged.
— DAVID WHYTE, “What to Remember When Waking”

Of all the guides and mentors that may become available to us in a lifetime, the most important may well be one that we often fail to recognize, either because we lose connection and forget that it exists, or because we mistake it for something else. This is a friend of the soul that will never lie to us and will never judge us. It is no stranger. It is not a deity or spirit outside our own being. It is the Self on a higher level than the ordinary self. It is the face the Greater Self shows us when we are willing to look at it.

Sufis speak of the soul of the soul. Let’s borrow that phrase to define our direction as we embark on a journey to encounter soul on a higher level. We’ll also borrow from an old Sufi practice of opening this journey at the gateway of the heart.

MEDITATION: Opening the Heart

Place your hand on your physical heart. Listen to your heart; see how it is and what it needs. This magnificent organ has kept your body going for all these years. You may want to express gratitude.

Now move your hand to the center of your chest. You are connecting with the heart center, which encompasses the physical heart and the lungs, and which should be an airy space. But the heart center is about far more than the physical organ. In your energy body, at the very center of your life, this is where you find personal truth. For many cultures, including that of ancient Egypt, the heart is the seat of the most important aspect of soul, the one that migrates from this life to other lives, and which was depicted by the Egyptians as a human-headed bird.

The heart center is where you find courage. Courage is a quality of the heart, and it is not to be confused with fearlessness. You can’t be truly brave unless you know fear. Courage is fear conquered by something stronger, something you find in the heart — whether it is love, or loyalty, or a cause.

The heart center is also where you know joy and pain most deeply and authentically. When we have been hurt deeply, we sometimes try to close off the heart center so we won’t feel so much, so we won’t be hurt again. We hide our hearts so we can’t be seen, can’t be shamed. The pain is less, but so is the joy. As we lose access to our deeper emotions, we lose the intelligence of the heart, which gives us an inner compass.

It’s time to open the heart center again, fully, and find truth and direction by following what we know and desire in the heart’s core.

Move your hand away from your chest, and feel a curtain drawn back, or a stone roll away, or a door swing wide open. Let your heart light shine out. Take a deep breath and make the sound that wants to come from your heart. Again. And once more. Three times makes the charm.

You have opened to a source that will never fail you. You can come here when you need to find direction and courage in relation to any issue in your life, including identifying and following your deeper purpose.

But for now, we are going to travel from this center, in the light of the heart, for a single purpose.

EXERCISE: Journey to the Soul of the Soul

In your open heart, you feel a great longing. It is the longing to be with the Beloved of your soul, the one who loves you with unconditional love, who will guide you and protect you and will never judge you. This longing is beyond the longing for a soul mate in your physical world, though if you are very blessed you may have — or may find — a partner who can embody part of what you are seeking now.

In your heart, you long for the soul of your soul. It is beyond you, but it is part of your Greater Self. It has sought you in dreams, though you may not have recognized what it was behind the many masks and costumes it has used, adapted to your level of understanding. You may have dreamed you were on the way to a wedding, and wakened mystified, not understanding that the bride or bridegroom may be the Beloved of your soul — that you were being invited to unite with a larger Self. Maybe you have enjoyed wonderful nights of communion with the soul of your soul but lost all memory in the morning, like coffee grounds thrown in the kitchen trash. Perhaps you ran away, in a dream, from what you thought was an alien, not grasping that what may be most alien to the little self is the Greater Self.

Now you are ready to go seeking, consciously, for the reunion your heart longs for. In a relaxed position, in a quiet and protected space, focus on your intention as you follow the flow of your breath.

I wish to meet the soul of my soul

You state this intention, softly. You knock on your heart three times and confirm that the door is open.

From your heart center, your desire for the Beloved of the soul rises like a streamer of light, like a beam of light. You notice its soft colors. You watch as the beam of heart light travels toward the sky.

After a time, you see, far above, an answering light. You see it moving down from on high like a finger of soft flame.

Where the fire from heaven meets the light of your heart, there, in the space that now opens, you will meet the soul of your soul.

The form it chooses to take will be adapted to your level of understanding. It may appear as a religious or angelic figure, as an animal, as your own brighter double, as a being of light.

You will have a conversation. You can ask any question. You will be given guidance. You will also be given an assignment, possibly one you were given long ago but had forgotten until now.

When you return, you will bring back gifts. You will move with a different energy, a certain radiance of soul. You will be able to view the issues and dramas of your regular life from a higher perspective. You will remember the assignments you have been given.

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