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Creative Careers
2010 Creative Careers in the Arts Interviews : Diana Rivera Interview

Creative Careers in the Arts Interview

Artist & Creative Empowerment Life Coach Diana Rivera

By Chris Dunmire

"The guiding thought has always been: how can we live a life that is inauthentic to our gifts? Impossible and out the question!" — Diana Rivera

Diana RiveraWhen I first connected with Diana Rivera through her writing about Ukraine artist Kseniya Simonova (The Transformative Wisdom of Sand), I was so taken in — not just by the way she expressed herself, but by the way she mirrored the beautiful artistic nature of another through her words. Diana's writing is powerful — engaging in it is like boarding a vessel for an awe-inspiring journey across an ocean of wonder.

I admit, I was also intrigued by her work resume — Diana 'teaches the art of Drama to children, arts integration to teachers and creative empowerment/success to individuals in the creative industry as a Creative Empowerment Coach ... and develops original content for children's TV, children's books and professionally for the theatre.'

That's some serious creative stuff to be involved in and it made me curious to learn more. So I was thrilled when Diana let me press her for more details in an interview over the holiday break when she had some time off work. Here's what she had to say...

Q: Diana, on your blog you state:

"I am an entrepreneur, artist, creator, humanitarian, facilitator and creative empowerment life coach. I befriend, admire and champion the fierce in mind and gentle in spirit who strive to be in full embodiment of their creative self."

Tell me about the journey that led you to this place, and what it means to you on a daily level.

A: At any early age, I was surrounded by the creative activity of storytellers/technicians/artists and learned through the osmosis of practice and collaboration many things. I was one of many links forming a collaboration with a connective thread of creativity lacing the spaces between us. Without our imagination in step, our courageous hearts open and our willingness, we never would have created the magic we did. Over time, I began to link that chain to a greater social service: creativity expressed in the form of a painting to a story on film can allow the creator to touch the very core of humanity.

Developing a professional life in the arts always poses its challenges. You know from a visceral level the genuine need for creativity in your life and others, but how to create a life that melds your passions and finances. I have always encouraged my friends/colleagues to continue forth in the area of passion and talent by offering empowering conversation, connecting people, sending friend's grant notices, links to this and that. I have always thought 5-10 steps in the future for people. The guiding thought has always been: how can we live a life that is inauthentic to our gifts? Impossible and out the question!

I can definitely say that my desire to support the creative professionals of this world — be it emerging, mid-level, etc. — has grown exponentially into the formation of a coaching practice, facilitation and writing. On a daily basis I am open to inspiration in this arena from books, films, lectures and good old conversation. My mind and imagination is open to expansion and most importantly developing the authentic capacity in me to bring about my creative practice.

Q: How would someone know if they are living a life that is inauthentic to their gifts?

A: My experience leads me to believe that one is not being authentic to their gifts when they feel stress, unhappiness, dissonance with their life. The body-spirit connection is vital to the arts and when isn't being channeled, it creates other repercussions, even disease.

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Updated 1/8/14