Mental Fitness for the Future:
Step Three — Deep Intuition

What is intuition? What does it feel like?

By Brian R. Martens | Posted 1/4/21

Great, you made it to the last step in this process, the reward, and also the place that reignites your awareness again and again, and it just keeps going.

So, where are we now? We started with paying attention to all aspects of your life that were bothering you, keeping you awake at night, keeping you stressed and wanting more out of life. You learned the benefits of becoming aware of all those aspects of your life and then taking action and being proactive in your life.

You became aware of how your awareness shifted you to acting and thinking differently, which resulted in the benefits of transforming those parts of your life that weren't working the way you wanted them to work. This transforming experience taught you to continue to fine-tune your experience so it became a continuous process of exploration, accomplishment, and growth.

When these two processes and skills are creating more positive feelings, you will find that your deep intuition is starting to give back and feed you more information to support you. This cycle is a beautiful example of our living symbol of creativity.

This never-ending loop and feedback system continues as we feed it. If we stop, or give up, there will be a breakdown and we will have to restart the system. And, that is fine too. We can take a break and learn from other issues in our life, like sickness, grief and loss, divorce, or loss of employment. These all impact the larger look at our lives.

What is intuition? What does it feel like? That, my friend, is up to you. It may look and feel different to everyone. Yet, as it becomes more known and comfortable, and you become a friend of your own intuition, there will be a knowing and a welcoming that you foster.

Your intuition will offer in a quiet way, and possibly in a very quiet voice, where to look for your next creative project, your next job, or your next partner. Your intuition is unlimited in the scope of its advice and support. It may also speak loudly if you drive too fast and might miss your next rental apartment because you are not paying attention.

Your intuition is your deep inner self speaking and it knows what is best for you. Nevertheless, learning is what you are on this planet to do, so your intuition may give you some advice that puts you in a steep learning curve. And, by now, you are willing to accept that because your awareness and transformation are happening on a higher level and you are ready for a bit more than your comfort zone used to allow. The comfort zone is not the place for your best creativity.

Deep intuition does not like the comfort zone much — it can handle it for short periods of time for a little R&R, but it knows that the comfort zone will not make the best use of its advice. You do not want to short-circuit your deep intuition, since you have developed your awareness to spot ineffective thoughts and actions and this has allowed the transformations that you have been seeking to happen. Get it? It's a system and your mind is the generator that keeps it oiled and humming, and you get to choose your own songs to hum.

What else is important about your deep intuition? You are important, you are the one receiving all the downloads, the cool ideas, and the deep shifts to make in your life. At this point you may not have to listen to that advice from your overly helpful neighbor or the comments around the water cooler at work. You may be fine sharing your thoughts with family and friends and they may be amazed at who you have become and how far you have traveled in your mental fitness. You have armed yourself with the tools of mastery and you are able to set your own limits and boundaries. I trust you will shoot for the moon, or if you really go for it, the nearest star.

The deep intuition will feed all parts of your life: health, wealth, work, family, and your activity in the community. With these three tools working together for you, the synchronicities happen, the gifts arrive, and you are the receiver of your own true self.

With all this knowledge and these tools it's possible to think, "I got this," and your life will go beautifully on its way. I trust it will. The other beautiful and curious part of life is that life is also a complete mystery.

In today's age we think we know most of what we need to survive. But often, we are not in control of much of our life and it can feel out of control, even though we are doing our best to become aware. Saying life is a mystery is not a cop-out but the acknowledgment of allowing life to happen and doing our best to take care of ourselves and out loved ones and communities. This is the big lesson of letting go and celebrating all at the same time.

Enjoy and be well …

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