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Author Spotlight

Artist and Creativity Coach Durga Walker (Jori Keyser)

Durga WalkerDurga Walker is living proof that day jobs need not stand in the way of creative dreams. Day-jobber by day and artist by night, Durga first wrote The Day Job Survival Kit as a web article entitled 11 Tips for Surviving a Day Job With Your Creativity Intact (under the name Jori Keyser). The article and the book were both born from the nightmare faced by all creative souls holding down jobs they don’t love. Durga has relocated around the world almost as much as she’s changed jobs. She currently lives in Missouri, where by day she’s a reporter on a small-town newspaper. By night and weekend, she writes, paints, and builds a creative freelance business. Durga has an M.A. in communication arts and training in creativity coaching.

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