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Authors : Artist Helen C. Read

Inspiring Artists of All Kinds: Helen C. Read

Helen graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in art in 1977, and received a Masters of Arts in Teaching from National Louis University in 2001. She currently lives in the midwest where she is an artist, writer, parent, and high school teacher. Visit her site at and her blog at

Creativity Inspiring Articles by Helen C. Read

The Burn of Creative Energy
By Helen C. Read
As a visual artist, I know I've had times of sputtering artistic exhaustion.

Staying Creative During Difficult Times
By Helen C. Read
In a season when financial difficulties are breeding a sense of fear that seems to permeate our culture, the artist may well ask, "how can I continue to create and to grow and to sustain my creative spirit?"

Capturing the Artful Life
By Helen C. Read
My little book allows me to be intentional about cultivating my truest self.