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Permission Slips by Patricia Mosca
Authors : Patricia Mosca

Spotlight On Artist Patricia Mosca

Art, Heart, & Soul Features

Pattie MoscaPatricia is an artist, a dreamer, a writer, and a lover of life! She is the author of the book, Permission Slips... For Your Heart and Soul. She is a creativity coach and Certified ARTbundance™ Practitioner. Her creative style focuses on learning about herself while having FUN. She also loves to help others explore their unlimited creative potential. More at Pattie's Creative Playground Blog.

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Permission Slips Series

Permission Slips by Patricia MoscaHave you ever felt like you know what you want and need to do, but you just don't do it? Yet, if you had permission you would jump and do it in a minute! Whether you want to open up a new door, start over, or ask for help, there are all kinds of permission slips in this colorful and inspiring new book to use when you just can't seem to give permission to yourself. I guarantee you are going to feel good when you use them! Creating the life you love will be much easier when you give yourself permission to do so. Start today with "Permission Slips for Your Heart and Soul."

These Permission Slips are published with permission from Permission Slips... For Your Heart & Soul by Patricia Mosca.

Permission Slip: CELEBRATE YOU!
By Patricia Mosca
Happy Un-birthday!

Permission Slip: OPEN UP A NEW DOOR DAY
By Patricia Mosca
Don't even bother to ring the door bell . . .

By Patricia Mosca
What if everything is exactly as it should be?

Pattie Mosca's Ultimate 'YES!'
By Chris Dunmire
A little review of Permission Slips . . . For Your Heart & Soul.

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