Patricia Mosca : Magic Crayon Journal Prompts

Magic Crayon Journal

Patricia Mosca's Self-Discovery Through Art, Coloring, and Reflective Journaling

Magic Crayon Journaling is all about self-discovery through coloring and writing prompts. This interactive journal series by author and Certified ARTbundance™ Practitioner Patricia Mosca includes free pages that you may download and print to use in your own personal journaling.

Patricia encourages: ‘So go on… pull out your box of crayons or grab the big box of 64 (with the built in sharpener) next time you’re out and be prepared to have FUN!’

Begin Your Journey:

Ring in the New Year!Get On Board: The Intention Train
Allow yourself to look forward to accomplishing a goal. Be proud of allowing yourself to get back on the train if you made a stop and have been sightseeing. Great to ring in the New Year!

START Your CreativityStart Your Creativity!
Allow yourself to start. Pledge a committment and promise to yourself to what you can do, will do, and believe in. How do you reconnect or rediscover the creativity that lies deep within? You just begin!

Signs!Follow Your Dream Signs
Paying attention to the signs to our dreams is often a difficult one. Here's your opportunity to notice the signs around you and trust that you are on the right track.

TimeNotice the Time
Do you allow time to be on your side? Watch where you can slow down in order to see the beauty around you. Notice where you might be wasting your time and what stops you no longer need to visit.

Your LanternLight Your Lantern
Dark Times? The light at the end of the tunnel is closer than you think. Learn how to light your lantern when you begin traveling down a dark tunnel. Allow yourself to believe and have faith that you will see the light.

Ticket to RidePunch Your Ticket to Ride
Let's take a moment to punch your ticket and review your progres as you take time to honor yourself, take time for yourself, and believe in yourself.

Club CarEnter the Club Car
There is a Club Car on every train. A place where we can be with others. Enjoying their company and companionship.

PressureRelease the Pressure
How much pressure do you put on yourself? Do you think you have to do everything perfectly? Do you think you have to be the best at something or you won’t do it at all?

Pearls of WisdomString Your Pearls of Wisdom
With our heart, there is a wisdom that unlocks the answers for all of our questions. It really does not matter what you call it as long as you listen to it when it speaks to you.

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