Get On Board: The Intention Train

Set an intention for a new creative chapter!

By Patricia J. Mosca | Posted 6/1/06 | Updated 2/15/23

Ring in the New Year!Special note: This Intention Train Magic Crayon Journal writing activity is written from the perspective of a New Year's Resolution when many are geared up to eagerly begin new projects, but can be used anytime during the year when you are ready to enter new creative chapter in your life.

Happy New Year! Bring out the horns… the hats… the noise makers… RING THE BELL… for the NEW YEAR [or new creative chapter you're about to start]!

Let's take a moment to reflect on last year [or your last creative project]. Did it bring you what you most desired? Did you stick to the resolutions [or plan] that you made?

Most of us start out strong at the beginning of a new year [or project]. We make our resolutions and we begin with a "hop on the train… full steam ahead!" attitude. But, sometimes something happens along the way and as the train rounds the bend and into the final stop, those resolutions are either in the caboose or not on the train at all anymore. So what do we have to do to keep punching our ticket for 365 days?

Let's RING in the New Year together! Let's get ourselves closer to our dreams. This is a new beginning… we can hop on a new train right now! The train is about to leave the station… are you ready? This new train is called THE INTENTION TRAIN… and rather than telling ourselves that we are going to change the way we do things, let's set out with a positive view on committing to ourselves by setting an intention of what we can do to get to our final destination with the same intensity at the end of the year as we have in the beginning.

You can choose to ride the train in a single seat… or in the club car with friends. The point of making an intention to yourself is to stay on track. There are always stops along the way of any ride but, what is most important is the knowledge that you can get back on that train with all the steam you had after taking a short detour.

Print the Journal Prompts Page

Magic Crayon Journal PagePrint the INTENTION TRAIN journal page (PDF 65KB) to complete the prompts and record what you are looking forward to.

  • This year I my intention to myself is to:
  • This year I am looking forward to:
  • This year I will be proud of myself when:
  • This year when I make a stop I will get back on the train without:


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