Let's Begin: Start Your Creativity!

It's time to press the START button!

By Patricia J. Mosca | Posted 6/1/06 | Updated 2/15/23

StartHow often have you started different things only to stop before completion? You know, those things that perhaps were put aside because you compared them to others, you thought it was a ‘good idea’ at the time, oh yes and the best one… ‘it just isn’t good enough.’

Then of course there is the ‘to do list’ that grows ever longer because you tell yourself that you ‘don’t have the time’ or ‘I’m just not creative enough.’

We all experience this at one time or another. We stop ourselves from following our heart, our soul’s desires. We have good intentions, but we just don’t carry them through. We put ourselves last on the list. Sometimes that happens because we don’t feel deserving to move ourselves up on the list, other times it happens because we are fearful. Sometimes that fear is of failure, other times we may even fear success.

We all want to grow. We want to pay attention to our hearts, and have the courage to follow its desires. We all want to validate who we are and what we love to do. By connecting to ourselves, by being willing to step past the fear and put our hearts out on the limb we honor who we are.

So, how do you reconnect or rediscover the creativity that lies deep within? You just begin! You pick up your pen, pencil, paint and you make a line on the paper. You make a commitment to yourself, you set an intention, you make a promise to yourself, and you set aside some time in the day just for you.

Try This!

  1. On day one, make a commitment to yourself by stating what it is that you want to do and post it or carry it with you where you will see it during the day. Before going to bed focus on and repeat your commitment to yourself.
  2. On day two, set your intention (do you want to write more, draw or paint, dance, sing, or take a class) and write it on another index card. (Again post it or carry it with you where you will see it during the day). That night before going to bed focus on and repeat both cards to yourself.
  3. On day three, write down a promise to yourself that you will follow through with your committed intention. Once again, post it or carry it with you, and that night before bed focus and repeat them to yourself.
  4. On day four, write down the when, where, and how of honoring these previous three cards. (When are you going to take the time to do this, where will you do it, and how will you continue to do it.)
  5. On day five… You press the START button! Use the prompts on the journal page below to prime yourself.

Print the Journal Prompts Page

Magic Crayon Journal PagePrint the START journal page (PDF 122KB) to complete the prompts and begin this new journey.

  • I am:
  • I commit to:
  • I promise myself:
  • I can:
  • I will:
  • I believe:

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