Notice the Time: Is It on Your Side?

Does hurrying really get you anywhere faster?

By Patricia J. Mosca | Posted 4/1/06 | Updated 2/14/23

TimeThe Rolling Stones sang the line “Time is on my side… oh yes it is.” The question is, do we allow it to be?

Most of us believe that we need to get things done very quickly. That if we hurry than we must be making the most of our time and our life. But what happens when we continue to run full speed ahead? What happens when we put more value on the act of doing rather than being?

We are the conductors of our train. We have the watch that tells us what time it is and how we can use that time… what stops to make and when to make those stops. We can choose if our train runs at a speed faster than light OR if we want to slow it down and make various stops along our travels of life.

If we allow our train to slow down, we suddenly are able to see the landscape of our life better. We can see the simple beauty that surrounds us. The smallest of wonders become crystal clear and no longer blurred by the speed of our train. When we give ourself the gift of time we learn to appreciate everything around us better… we can believe that our happiness is important… we can set our intentions to connect with ourself more which than allows us to connect with others better.

Print the Journal Prompts Page

Magic Crayon Journal PagePrint the WHAT TIME IS IT? journal page (PDF 65KB) to complete the prompts and challenge yourself to slow your train down and focus on the act of just being in the moment.

As you look at your conductors watch:

  • Where can you slow down?
  • Where are you wasting time?
  • Where can you stop?

As we allow our train to slow down we begin to allow ourselves to be present in the moment. We can let go of those stops that do not benefit us. We can open our hearts to a deeper level and center ourselves… which allows us to set our intentions and nurture ourselves better.

You get to place the hands of time on your conductors watch!

How can you challenge yourself today to slow your train down and embrace your true path?

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