Release the Pressure

Lift the lid on the stresses of life.

By Patricia J. Mosca | Posted 3/27/06 | Updated 2/15/23

ReleaseHow much pressure do you put on yourself?

Do you think you have to do everything perfectly? Do you think you have to be the best at something or you won’t do it at all? Do you think you have to keep up with the Joneses? Where does all this pressure come from? The best question to ask our self is WHY do I put so much pressure on myself?

Putting pressure on ourselves is a habit that took root a long time ago. We probably learned at a very young age, to strive for “THE BEST”…“THE HIGHEST.” We might have been told, “You can do better than this.” I believe everyone meant well if they said this because… truthfully, at times we can do better. But, what if we were having an off day? What if we didn’t understand what was asked of us and we felt we had to wing it? What if we did do the best we could? What if the things we do are “GOOD ENOUGH”? That’s a lot of “what if’s”! However they are all valid questions.

It is often easier to keep doing things the way we have always done them. Change can be scary and difficult at times. But when we release the pressure… for a moment… for an hour… for a day, we allow ourselves to see what we can do if we are not so hard on ourselves. We might even believe in our own creative Spirit and vision more, honoring who we are.

Try asking yourself these questions:

  • How might I release that pressure and feel confident in myself and what I do today?
  • How can I release that pressure in order to increase my creativity?
  • How can I break out of my routine and negativity to discover a different way to see things?

Looking at your work from a different perspective by releasing the pressure can help you discover:

  • Who puts the most pressure on you?
  • What inspires your imagination and creativity?
  • Where can you change for the better in order to add something here or there?
  • How can you work a little differently to be more efficient?

Start releasing the pressure by having a little fun! Pick up your crayons and color your pressure cooker (print below) and answer the questions. Discovering the depth of your creativity is a wonderful and fulfilling pursuit!

Print the Journal Prompts Page

ReleasePrint the RELEASE THE PRESSURE journal page (PDF 65KB) to complete the prompts and lift the lid a little.


  • I can release pressure by:
  • I can change my routine by:
  • I can let go of:
  • I can be positive by:

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