String Your Pearls of Wisdom

What pearls of wisdom do you hear or see?

By Patricia J. Mosca | Posted 5/24/06 | Updated 2/15/23

WisdomWith our heart, there is a wisdom that unlocks the answers for all of our questions.

It does not matter what age we are. Wisdom is the answers that our heart has for all of our questions. Some people call it intuition… others view it from a religious point of view… it has been called soul, spirit, and muse. It really does not matter what you call it as long as you listen to it when it speaks to you.

I often think that children have a much easier time listening. They have no fear of the unknown. They will dive head first into some new project with abandonment. They do not stop to ask themself if they should color outside the lines, they just allow themself to do whatever makes them happy. Cats can magically be purple and leaves the color magenta.

As we grow older our childlike wonder is put aside for the “adult” and we cloud our voice with all the “have to” events of life. One of the first things we push aside, as we move from childhood into adulthood is play. We exchange play for work and responsibilities, believing that we cannot have both of them in our lives. A lot of times when we do have leisure time, we are more likely to zone out in front of the TV or computer than to engage in creative play. By giving ourselves permission to play we honor our voice… our pearls of wisdom.

What does play do for you?

  • It connects us to others. Other likeminded creative people whom we can share who we are and what we do. Along with learning from each other.
  • It lifts our spirits and allows us to be distracted from things that may be pulling at us. It delights us!
  • It teaches us perseverance and rewards us as we master something new.
  • It makes us happy because there is a joy in playing. It is a state of being… happy and joyous… it nourishes our heart.
  • It balances us… it balances the adult and the inner child… it honors our pearls of wisdom.

Print the Journal Prompts Page

Pearls of WisdomPrint the PEARLS OF WISDOM journal page (PDF 87KB) to complete the prompts and remember to keep your eye on your destination.

Pull out your crayons and try something new today… venture outside of your “adult” life and play with the abandonment of a child once again. Use a different pen to journal with. Use a different technique. Dream a little bigger. Ask yourself different questions to discover what makes you the happiest.

What pearls of wisdom do you hear or see?

  • I would be more ___ if I followed my intuition.
  • I know my balance comes from ___.
  • I would attract my own true voice if I ___.
  • I feel connected when I ___.

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