Your Book Will Change the World

Posted 2/26/20 | Updated 7/2/20


Most writers I encounter want their books to make a difference for others. They are on fire to share their wisdom, information and experiences because they want life and our world to be different.

Perhaps one person will read your book and think, feel and act differently because of it. Maybe hundreds or thousands of people will be inspired by your book.

I know for sure that finishing your book will change your world. Maybe it will help your business. Or it will be a calling card for your work, allowing you to do more of what you love.

Perhaps writing a book is on your bucket list, something you have wanted to do forever-and finishing it will allow you to claim "author." To own it.

However, you may be like many people who have trouble finishing things. Your inner critic loves this about you! It loves to keep your identity intact as someone who "never finishes things." Well, guess what? When you finish your book, that will no longer be true.

Ultimately, when we set out to write a book, we have no idea what will come of it. It's one of the biggest trust falls we will make. It can be easier to sacrifice the time and effort if we have a vision of what is possible when our book is finished.

I love helping women write world-changing books. My work with one person who writes a book has an exponential impact. This motivates me to get my work into the world even more.

Exercise: Your Book's Impact

To help you get a sense of the gains waiting for you when you type "The End," think about the potential impact your book could have. First, take your time answering the following questions about the book's impact on you.

  • What will be different for you when you finish your book?

  • How do you hope this book will change your work and your life?

  • What will change about your self-perception?

  • What does the future look like when you have achieved your aim?

Now think about what you want for your reader. Imagine a bunch of your readers. They have read your book, loved it, implemented its teachings. Their lives have changed for the better. Answer these questions:

  • What will change in your reader's life as a result of reading your book?

  • How will your reader's life be better?

  • How does your book impact your reader's communities, family and work?


How will the world be different with your book in it? What do you imagine will change because of your book?

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