Conventional vs. Creative Intelligence

Mental, rational and analytical; or imaginative, inventive and innovative?

By Orna Ross | Posted 3/8/10 | Updated 5/22/24

Creative intelligence is not just something we bring to literature, art and music. Each and every moment of our lives can be met with a conscious creativity.

The holistic nature of creative Intelligence can be best understood by comparing it to the conventional intelligence that has traditionally been prized by our culture.

This conventional intelligence is mental, rational and analytical; creative intelligence is all that but also imaginative, inventive and innovative.

Conventional Intelligence vs. Creative Intelligence

Conventional Intelligence Creative Intelligence
observes the world from a separate stance connects observer and observed
aims to categorise, critique and control aims to open, explore and allow
is rooted in the material (ego centered) is rooted in the spiritual (soul centred)
sees "failure" as failure sees "failure" as a learning opportunity
apprehends life as a random and ultimately meaningless series of events ("S**t happens!") apprehends life unfolding in purposeful pattern. ("Shift happens!")
consumes art, writing and music as entertainment creates art, writing and music as expression
expresses itself through thoughts, concepts and ideas expresses itself through thoughts, concepts and ideas but also through feelings, emotions, imaginings and intuitions
fears death as annihilation views death as a new blank page, the ultimate open moment

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Orna RossOrna Ross is an Irish novelist and creative nonfiction writer. She has taught creative principles, writing and freewriting to many disparate groups.