Corn You Find the Answers?

Creativity 1-2-3

by Chris Dunmire | November 6, 2021

Celebrating the linear and non-linear nature of creativity.

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The corn heard you may want some answers to a puzzle you're working on and reminded me that I left you hanging last month.

Since I'm all ears to their good ideas, here's some words you might find interesting:

Acorn Fall November Red
Autumn Gourd October September
Brown Harvest Orange Squash
Cold Leaf Pile Pumpkin Tree
Corn Leaves Raking Yellow


They also suggested pairing the puzzle with a classic version, so you can grab both here along with that other pun stuff from the last issue.

You might wonder if I purposely design my puzzles and play sheets to connect you with your child-like sense of adventure, no matter your age. Yes! Because making an activity fun is one way to get past creative blocks like procrastination and resistance. How can you make your creativity more fun?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. In fact, I've listed three more questions below for your consideration that I hope you might respond to and share with me. Let's connect in this meaningful conversation.

2 Cents

Eric Maisel, PhD, creator of The Great Creativity Toolkit, encourages growing creative by living intensely. He says, "Intensity fuels the artist. The mind whirls, the heart beats. There is always more to do."

What might this look like for you? Maisel offers: "Work on a creative project for more hours than you usually do. If you typically write for two hours, write for five. Increase both the duration and intensity of your effort."

3 Questions

  1. Why is creativity important to you?
  2. How did you discover your creative passion(s)?
  3. In the realm of books, guides, programs, exercises, and other tools on accessing and cultivating creativity, habits, brain engagement, etc. what's worked best for you?

Share your thoughts with me!

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