Whimsical Rock Painting with Artist Ernestina Gallina

Ernestina GallinaErnestina Gallina is a rock painter from Italy. She has been painting in acrylic on stone since 1998. Her paintings are a product of her creative imagination combined with the inspiration from the rock's natural shape.

Ernestina's favourite subjects are animals, and as an artist she endeavours to achieve the highest degree of realism in order to express the beauty of nature through nature herself. As a self-taught artist, Ernestina has independently studied drawing techniques and learnt from trial and error. She loves to share her artistic experience teaching rock painting class at craft stores, primary schools, ladies groups, and workshops. In 2003 she started a rock-painting group on Yahoo! with the goal of spreading this new art form in her country.

On her website you can see a showcase of Ernestina's creations or you can contact her for custom-made requests. To those who wish to learn more, her site has several how-to projects, with step-by-step photos and detailed instructions.

Creative Rock Painting Tutorials

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