Love Bugs

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Rock Painting Project Tutorial

Adorable Painted Love Bugs

Keepsake Valentine's (or Any Day) Love Rocks

By Ernestina Gallina Posted 2/1/08 | Updated 12/4/20

Love BugsWhat you'll need:

  • plump round rock
  • acrylic paint colors
  • brushes

Could anyone resist to these funny lovebugs? They make a beautiful gift and are a statement of love. Choose the model and color combination you wish, photos will guide you every step of the way, happy rock painting!

Step 1

Step 1

Choose smooth rocks that through the years have been gently smoothed and molded into the shape of a small ball.

Step 2Sketch on bug features.

Step 2

Basecoat your rock with white paint.

Use a pencil to sketch the bug features onto the top and bottom of your rock. Refer to the layout:


With the tip of your liner dipped in black paint outline the bug's main features.

Step 3Paint

Step 3

Paint the two wings with the color of your choice. I mixed yellow and red to get a vibrant orange tone. Now choose a lighter shade to fill in the round face. I added a small amount of white to my orange to make it softer.

Step 4PaintPaint

Step 4

Use a liner and black paint to outline the face's outer edge, the mouth line, the eye circles, the line between the wings. Paint a black oval pupil inside each eye.

Paint small black dots on the wings.

Paint the bug's black body on the bottom of the rock.

Step 5

Step 5

Paint two antennas with a little heart on their tips. Fill in the hearts with bright red paint.

More ideas

More IdeasSecond patternHeart shapesAntennas

Here is a second pattern with little variations. The dots on the wings have been replaced by heart shapes and the antennas are curled up.

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