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How to Draw Cartoons Online -
Authors : Cartoonist Jeff Scarterfield

How to Draw Creative Cartoons Online with Jeff Scarterfield

Jeff ScarterfieldJeff Scarterfield enjoys helping people with reaching their drawing-related goals by offering free, step-by-step drawing lessons on his Web site. Presented in a manner that's simple and fun, practice your skills by choosing from a variety of different lessons, from animals to people to dragons, and more. Aside from the lessons, other helpful information include: Cartoon! Answers — an interactive 'ask & answer' feature, drawing tips to help you progress, free coloring pages, and an interactive user-based Visitors' Gallery where you can upload your drawings and comment on contributions from others. For more information, here's a link to the site:

Creative Cartooning with Jeff Scarterfield

Creative Careers Interview with Jeff Scarterfield
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Jeff discusses his artistic inspirations and what led him to sharing his cartoonistry and drawing lessons online.

Kung Fu Drawing: Art & Martial Art Parallels
By Jeff Scarterfield
Let's explore five similarities between art and martial arts, and how they relate to your improvement as an artist.

Practicing Drawing: 7 Tips to Help You Improve
By Jeff Scarterfield
Fun, inspiring, and forgiving methods for continuous improvement in your cartoon art.

Learning How to Draw... Made Easy?
By Jeff Scarterfield
When drawing cartoons, it is! Cartoons are simplified versions of things we see in real life.